back to article Disney download rapped for cost and clarity

The Walt Disney Company has been censured by the UK advertising watchdog for not making clear that a children's mobile phone game cost £5 in its advertising. Disney broke Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) rules on truthfulness and pricing and was told to change its advertising. The ASA also told the company to make sure …


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  1. Nick L
    Paris Hilton

    Poor old Disney

    ...and they had a rap on the knuckles over their "Now everyone can watch the disney channel" poster adverts too. Everyone with NTL or Sky, that is... I was petty enough to complain (it only took 2 minutes - you can do it online nowadays!) and the ASA upheld the complaint. I was not the only complainant

    In fact, searching for Disney on the asa website gives quite a few hits. It's as if they're marketing to children or something?!

    I'd have thought they'd be a bit clearer with their adverts given the adjudications against them, but it appears not.

  2. Frantisek Janak


    Mhm, looks like they try so hard to avoid the "Ask your parents about it" attitude, don't they? One that's right and errr...maybe a BIT frustrating for some irresponsible parents, that cannot say no to their children in most situations?


  3. Paul Smyth

    Tip of the iceberg

    I object to the fact that my 6 year old asked me what a "consolidation loan" is. Why are they allowing adverts for financial services on a children's channel if not to indoctrinate children into getting themselves into debt before they've even left school?

  4. William Bronze badge
    Jobs Horns

    Mary Poppins

    Come on, parents don't consider their children pestering them for the latest and greatest toys on their birthdays and Christmas have little princesses, they consider them little horrors.

    Besides, a child is more likely to have a little princess. Do they not sell toys called "my little princess"? Of course they do. So of course its aimed at children.

    The first handset company that provides a mobile I can bar text messages on gets my vote. So does a network that provides a child friendly PAYG scheme where they CANNOT download ringtones and screen savers.

  5. David Wilkinson
    Thumb Down

    I dislike Disney and eveyone else who is commericalizing childhood.

    I think one of the worse things you can teach a child is that joy and happiness come out of a box.

    The most important thing you can give to your child is time and attention.

    Which parent do you think is going to get the most visits in the nursing home?

    Parent A) who works overtime so that they can overspend on boxes full of plastic toys branded with the character form the latest children's movie.

    Parent B) that works less, buys less, but spends half a day with his children building a castle, race car, pirate ship .... with them out of cardboard boxes, tape and crayons.

    If you don't have the time, but have the money, at least spend it on activities rather than possessions.

    Teach children to have fun doing rather than have fun owning.

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