back to article Nintendo limbers up for Wii Fit

Nintendo is on a mission to get Wii owners working up even more of sweat. The company's announced plans to launch its anticipated Wii Fit home fitness game in Japan later this year. Wii_Fit Nintendo's Wii Fit and Balance Board: better than the gym? The game, which is based around Nintendo's Balance Board peripheral, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Who needs it first... NOT the Janapese !

    "Western World's somewhat flabbier nations" - let's be specific, here is a link to the obesity data (2005) for all of the G8 countries plus Canada, India and China.

    Nintendo need to release it to the US first :) - Japanese people should be towards the back of the queue...

  2. npfiii

    What about us chubbers?

    An awful lot of fitness equipment isn't for use by those of us over a certain weight....what's the limit going to be for this thing?

    Will Game or GameStation take back a snapped board?

  3. Si

    Not out for Christmas?

    I'm surprised they haven't given a US/Euro release date for this yet, but I'm sure they won't want to miss Christmas. Imagine all the people buying it to lose weight after piling it on at Christmas. I'm certain this game will be the next Brain Training for Nintendo, it's got mass-market appeal written all over it.

  4. Keith Turner
    Dead Vulture

    Not out for Christmas? -- phew

    I'm one who will be hoping it's not out for xmas.

    My kids will buy one if it is.

    I'm fit enough already from the Wii with all the boxing and bowling and tennis and the rest.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Now ain't the time for your tears

    "The game, which is based around Nintendo's Balance Board peripheral, initially goes on sale in Japan on 1 December for ¥8800 (£36/€53/$75)..."

    I assume that the Sterling value was arrived by running 8800 through - I wonder what it will cost when it is eventually released in the UK. £69.95? £65.95? £74.95?

  6. Iain

    More realistic conversion

    $75 is $15 more than a 360 game costs in the US. And they're £50 here. So that's at least £60, and probably more like £65-£70.

  7. Rick Brasche

    obvious design flaw

    what's gonna happen when my just-under-300 pound self starts ski jumping? Crushed harder than an honest politician's hope for election.

    People like me, who want/need such a thing, don't seem to be the design target. Though I suppose, like the DDR pads, someone in the hobby realm might strip the sensors and make a real tough one.

  8. Walter

    Looking forward to it

    We've already added a PS2 and a nice DDR mat as part of our gym and it gives a great switch up from the normal routine. This looks like it'll be another great addition. But unlike a lot of American's with gym equipment, we actually use ours.

  9. Scott

    Starting in japan because

    The board has a recommended maximum weight of 165 kg so it greatly reduces the potential market in the US

    Sell it to all those skinny little japanese first while they work out how to reinforce the hardware

    I wonder if they will have a sumo wrestling games

  10. Bob

    The twist

    This white boy is going to purchase one just to learn how to dance.

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