back to article Terminator will be back in 2009

Shooting will begin in 2008 on Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, which promises to "reinvent the cyborg saga with a storyline to be told over a three-pic span". Production company Halcyon is keen to stress that the movie will indeed be a "reinvention", as executive producer Moritz Borman told Variety: "The third film was …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That's the sound of a concept being stretched too far...

  2. Ash

    Failure from the start

    You all remember the eyeball-raping you received from Terminator 3?

    "Terminator 3 writers John Brancato and Michael Ferris have already completed the Terminator Salvation screenplay...". Never mind lightning, looks like a big fat corporate c*ck can strike twice, three times, maybe even four.

    Your last effort maimed the horse; please don't flog it to death.

  3. Luke Wells
    Thumb Down

    Oh no!

    Why can't they stop when they make a good film (Terminator 2) they always have to go too far.

    And where is the bloody Paris Hilton angle? :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Your clothes

    This is going to be so terrible. The second in the trilogy will go straight to DVD and the third might end up as an unsuccessful television pilot. It'll be sold as an edgy reinvention of the Terminator franchise, as if the original was not edgy enough.

    "Charlie's Angels director McG is hotly tipped to take the helm."

    I can picture the opening credits in my head. The music will pound and roar, the title will mesh together with a big clanking noise, the director credit will come up, and the audience will burst into laughter.

  5. Simon Painter
    Thumb Up


    He should appear as a guy caught by skynet and cloned for the first generation of terminators.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    What is worse?

    Rocky: The fight for Depends, or...

    Terminator: The battle for WD-40?

    What's next of washed up sequels?

    Predator: Golf tournament...

  7. Jason Clery
    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton

    The Paris Hilton angle is she will be the Sarah Conner type character, with Tinkerbelle as the killbot sniffing dog.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    RE: Arnie

    "He should appear as a guy caught by skynet and cloned for the first generation of terminators."

    well, let's face it; he's far too fucked to actually play a Terminator anymore. it was questionable in the second one, laughable in the third.

  9. Joey

    What's next of washed up sequels?

    The return of the sons of the Magnificent Seven ride again, The Sequel, meets Old Mother Riley, ll.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New tv series starting next January

    All of this is on top of the new tv series 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' which starts in the US next January. I downloaded the pilot and it looks ok.

  11. Misha Gale
    Thumb Down

    Starting to know how Star Wars geeks feel...

    If they wanted to do a[nother] post-apocalyptic, man vs machines movie, why bother with the Terminator franchise? If they'd come up with some generic rip-off storyline, at least I wouldn't feel like my childhood dreams are being horrifically raped. The camp Arnie in T3 was bad enough, I shudder to think what outrages are still to come.

  12. Rob

    Greed the sequel

    ... Just goes to show what happens when hollywedge folk get desperate for money, writers probably picked up the comic books one day and thought they could spin more money out of the franchise without doing any work. There's enough comic books in the series to hack together a storyline without actually thinking of anything, give me a day or so, I'm sure I could write a triliogy of Terminator films of the same quality.

  13. Martin Gibbs
    Thumb Up

    Am I the only one?

    Who thinks that a telling of the part of the Terminator story that happens in the future is a good idea....?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Just Like Star Wars

    Terminator 4-6 will almost ineveitably turn into Star Wars 1-3. They should leave well alone.

    I imagine it'll be a load of old toss, and I agree with Ashley Pomeroy above and the likely to be very accurate title sequence.

  15. crashIO

    Say what?

    Really? The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Really? Ugh...American TV makes me ashamed. Not as much as my President...but ashamed none the less.

  16. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    No way

    It is impossible that the T-fest be as sloppy and cuddly as SW 1-3 was. If this is supposed to told from the Terminator side, it could be refreshingly devoid of useless love subplots. Cold, calculating machine is what it should be. None of the "but OHDOIWQ6732fi3r was my CPU-mate ! And now she's deactivated ! I will BRK/WAIT(2000000000000000) in dispair !" nonsense.

    We just might have a true action film, could even be as good as Die Hard 2 or 3. No mushy scenes in those films. And I could concievably win €100 million next week in the EuroLottery.

    Yeah, it's possible. Just not something you want to bet your future on.

  17. Kane Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    The Paris Hilton Angle?

    Surely it's obvious? She will play the saviour of the human race after Skynet nearly wipes the humans out with a 10,000 strong platoon of PDA wielding SlingBots©, capable of throwing the latest in personal communications technology devices a distance of 17cB (or in prefered Vulture Central Standards, 3,927lg).

  18. This post has been deleted by its author

  19. Michael Sheils
    Thumb Up

    Question is...

    Will the US military have successfully made skynet before the movie comes out, because if they do we won't be subjected to the torture of watching it this time, hurray!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    @Martin Gibbs

    No Martin, telling the future part of the Terminator saga is a wonderful idea. It's just that with the same writers as T3, its garaunteed to be f*cked into a cocked hat.

  21. Matt Haswell
    Thumb Up

    Sarah Conner Chronicles

    Actually - as someone who has (legally) watched the pilot of Sarah Conner Chronicles, I think it could work.

    It's pretty grim (including the bit that's now infamously been dropped from the pilot when the substitute teacher in school turns out to be a terminator) and gritty. Some tongue in cheek too though (thank the gods). Very cool time travel stuff from both sides - anyone can be prepared if they send agents back in time with enough years to build more time machines and resources.

    Apparently they spent about $8m on the pilot - only a small jump more to having a film especially with the pace the pilot sets.

    However the one sticking point is if they can keep up the plot quality. This could be the problem with the films too of course.

  22. Tim

    All a front

    This is just a smokescreen isn't it. After all we already know that the machines are rising, what with the US building flying killbots, Samsung drones in the DMZ and giant 747-borne superlasers. Not to mention the hybrid army of cyborg parking wardens covered in cameras and sensors and their Taser-packing allies in the Police.

    Far from being an action move, T4 will be a Michael Moore documentary about the shocking injustice suffered by the downtrodden automatons forced to war for the benefit of Boeing's shareholders. Not that anyone will watch it, of course, because we'll all be huddled up in deep caves where 3G signals don't penetrate.

  23. Martin Gibbs

    @ Brent

    >smacks himself on the forehead<

    Didn't think of that Brent...

    It would redeem it's self slightly, if The Paris angle was her being the first human ripped to shreds in the opening scene? Or if Arnie was to cameo as the human template for the Terminator and be a wimpy, blubbery, geek of a politician....

    Nah.. getting to much into this now....

    Where's my coat?

  24. Paul

    @Michael Sheils

    Well be lucky if the US armed forces has found there arse with two hands a map and a GPS by then. Skynet is far to sain for there R&D.

    It seems the only time they come up with anything half good is when a crazy plan accualy works (Like the Blackbird, or the Stealth Bomber)

  25. Dave

    How will this effect Global Warming?

    Terminator 4-6 vs Star Wars 1-3

    By Yousef SyedPosted Wednesday 10th October 2007 14:26 GMT Paris

    Hilton will be the Jar-Jar Binks equivalent.

    Sorry Yousef people were asking what she would do in the movie.

  26. Phil Rigby

    Possible storylines

    As someone who got the comics 15 years ago, Terminator v Robocop was a plotline that interested me... but so did Aliens v Predator, and we know how that turned out :(

    Oh and Arnie can't be cloned as a Terminator, because in the first movie Reese told Conner that the first series of Terminators had rubber skin and were easily spotted...

    Oh God, I'll get my coat.

  27. Steven Foster
    Thumb Down


    Hollywood does it again. And shoots itself in the foot by allowing the director of T3, the abomination, to direct the next 3.

    Summer 2009. I can hardly wait.

  28. Tom Chiverton

    Look familiar ?

  29. Paul Talbot
    Thumb Up

    Could work

    I think this has some promise, as long as the godawful McG isn't directing. The ending of T3 was the best part of the movie, the future war sequences have always been interesting so it'll be nice to see movies based on those. Arnie cameoing means they're not going to try putting him centre stage as a terminatior - I agree the best thing to get him there would be as a template for that model of terminator.

    Of course, they could mess it up, big time. But, compared to the crop of big Hollywood fare recently, the concept alone is better than some entire movies.

  30. MD Rackham

    I'm so optimistic

    Let me guess: the plot revolves around John Conner negotiating trade relations between SkyNet and the humans.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Look familiar?

    It's already here... and has been for some time.

  32. Rick Brasche
    Thumb Down

    geeks raped again

    @ Misha:

    now you also know how us Battlestar Galactica fans feel, about the new monkeypoo flingfest that the SciFi channed has grunted out.

  33. the Accountant


    At best it'll turn out like Matrix 2 & 3 - one movie painfully padded out to two in order to fleece us one more time.

  34. Tim Butterworth


    Hollywood priorities:

    1) Will it make money.

    2) Will the merchandising make money.

    3) Will it stop people seeing other studios' movies.

    4) Will it allow us to make more money out of re-issuing the old movies.

    5) ...etc


    197) Will it make the original fans happy.

    198) Will it be any good.

    P.S. The film plot will revolve around who has the intellectual property rights to the original Terminator films. John Connor will argue that humans made the films, whilst Skynet will argue that, as the sole providor of all media content, the original human makers have surrendered their rights (did no one read Skynet's small print?).

  35. Tony
    Jobs Halo

    @Paul: I hate to be a pedant but...

    "Skynet is far to sain for there R&D." argh, my eyes are bleeding... Skynet is far too sane for their R&D!

    Tis a fair comment - but given the US history of shooting their own troops, why does it come as a surprise that an automated system for shooting their own troops might be in development?

  36. Anonymous Coward

    @Misha Gale

    " [ ... ] why bother with the Terminator franchise? If they'd come up with some generic rip-off storyline, at least I wouldn't feel like my childhood dreams are being horrifically raped. [ ... ] "

    Waittaminnit! Most people's childhood dreams are of being an astronaut, popstar or footballer when they grow up, or of falling in love and getting married, or changing the world for the better. Your childhood dream was to hope that the entire human race would be slaughtered by artificially intelligent killing machines who travel back in time? You're weird!

    But on the other hand, if you ever wrote it down, you've probably got a good copyright claim for back-royalties on the entire series. Hang on, maybe you aren't quite so crazy after all....!

  37. David Wilkinson

    Not so much bad movies as a marketing problem.

    Hollywood is addicted to overselling. For them marketing is about raising expectations to an impossibly high level for a quick cash in.

    People see a good movie, but because they lead to believe it was going to be one of the greatest movies ever, they leave profoundly disappointed.

    The key to enjoying movies is not to buy into the hype.

    Right now my expectations are for the new movies to provide nothing more than great action and greater special effects, but with a tired unoriginal plot.

    I will probably leave the theater happy, while other people are complaining about how it wasn't as good as the first two.

  38. Jon Tocker

    Arnie taught me a lot...

    for a start, I've learned that when Terminator models start getting past their prime and have to be replaced by newer models, they actually age like real humans as well - living skin outer camouflage begins to wrinkle and get pouchy, mechanical muscles turn to flab and internal components shift around...

    If Skynet could get them to fart, belch and blob out on the couch stuffing their faces with junk food, watching pay-per-view and scratching their nuts we'd never suspect it was really a lethal killing machine.

    Sheesh, we'd be fucked then.

  39. Bernadette Newburg
    IT Angle


    Battlestar Galactica - watched the pilot. 'Nuff said

    Charlies Angels - rolls eyes

    The Brady Bunch - refused to see

    The Bionic Woman...without Steve Austin, the $6M Man? Are you kidding?

    Predator went two movies too long (should have ended with the first)

    Aliens should have stopped with the second

    Terminator should have stopped with the second

    Star Wars.... not going there.

    Superman should have ended at #2

    Batman should have ended at #3 (okay, I do like Robin, but...until Christian Bale...should not have been touched)

    Where are the original ideas in Hollywood? Can we do nothing but retreads?

  40. Mike Lovell


    "Oh and Arnie can't be cloned as a Terminator, because in the first movie Reese told Conner that the first series of Terminators had rubber skin and were easily spotted..."

    Must have super human intelligence in the future, personally when I see a 6 foot tall rubber trojan with a plasma rifle it its hands I invite him in for tea.

  41. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Someone has to say it

    "I won't be back"

    I've wanted to see a future battle, it's the obvious choice for the next film.

  42. Mike Hocker


    The last of the 2nd of 3 (last of the 2nd trilogy of a Kachina of 3 trilogies) could be a rip of Saberhagen's _Brother Assasin_.

    If we install enough machine bits in ourselves, and they install enough wetware bits in themselves, we converge on... being the same. Mudball's getting crowded, but I'll meet you there anyway.

  43. Chris Goodchild Silver badge

    Paris Hilton the heroine!

    Ooh look! a liquid memory metal, vibrator with artificial inteligence. Wish I could have some.

  44. cynar
    Jobs Horns


    Predator: Golf tournament...

    Didn't EA Games do that one a while back? One of there better ones for EA.


  45. Graham Lockley
    Paris Hilton

    The PHA ?

    Surely the PHA is that she becomes the saviour of the human race by bravely giving her body up as a sperm bank to preserve a wide variety of human DNA ?


  46. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton

    A clone of a clone

    A clone of a clone of a clone , how truly unoriginal can you get ?

    Wow these Hollywood writers are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel for this insipid stupidity so I guess the combined IQ of these wankers would not even reach two digits!

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    @Luke Wells

    > Why can't they stop when they make a good film (Terminator 2) they always

    > have to go too far.

    Because the test screeners hated the good ending (, I recall hearing on a TV show that the good ending was ditched because of poor response from the test screeners).

    Yes, It's Virginia's fault. Had they been happy with the good ending, there won't be any more Terminator movies after T2.

  48. Tony
    Dead Vulture


    That'd be too edgy for EA - they only do franchises now. It'd have to be Predator: Golf tournament 4 before they'll even look at it.

  49. S-MC

    Yet Again They Cannot Think Up Something New !

    Why make a new Terminator ?

    They wasted it when they made the third. The Original 2 Terminators kicked ass and as per usual sequals are wasted with little boys new in the film industry who have nothing better to do than rip the pish out of orginal and classic movies.

    To hell with the new Terminator !

    With regards,


  50. Damian Gabriel Moran

    i have not seen the terminator tv series

    but it has Summer Glau in it so I doubt I will be paying any attention to the plot!

  51. Stuart Halliday

    Skynet says....

    Well Skynet as you're reading this and no doubt smiling electronically to yourself. Have you got a comment to say about all of this?

  52. Graham Bartlett

    Shoot the writers!

    Some of T3 actually worked. The concept worked, and some of the plotting dovetailed with T1 and T2 rather cleverly to fill the holes left in those.

    But the direction was lousy (having the whole film done in daylight completely erased the grittiness of the previous ones), the script was mostly dreadful, the Terminatrix was a stupidly overpowered opponent which had to behave unrealistically (why jump on top of a car and try to get them with your bare hands, if you've got a laser rifle up your sleeve?), and the fight scenes were plain dumb.

    So yes, this will likely join SW3 and both Matrix sequels as big-budget films I've managed to avoid.

  53. Adrian Waterworth
    Jobs Horns

    And in T6...

    Steve Ballmer and his crack team of assault lawyers manage to convince Skynet that it's in violation of 235 MS patents, causing it to shut itself down rather than sign a cross-licensing deal.

  54. Dan
    IT Angle


    My thoughts exactly. The glimpse of the future offered in the written screenplay for T2 was very cool, I seem to remember scenes in the Terminator factory with hundreds of each model (Arnie, fit bird, etc) on the Skynet production line.

    Shame it will be done by retards.

  55. Finn

    Hollywood = Money

    Reason why they really make all these sequels to everything from Terminator to Matrix or franchise movies from Fantastic Four to the Spiderman and Batman and million others is simple: You invest $50 - 100 million on movie, you really, really want to get the money back.

    Four most certain ways to make the money back are:

    A) make a sequel to a box-office hit. Something that made money first time and created an audience that will go and see the second runner. like Police Academy or Terminator or Matrix.

    B) Make a movie about something already famous, like TV-show, or comicbook character (Charlie's Angels, Fantastic Four etc.).

    C) Make a re-make of an old box-office hit.

    D) Use a super-star. Either director like Tarantino and few others or world class leading man/woman. But even these tank sometimes, so even this is rarely used anymore.

    There are thousands of good scripts bought by Paramount, MGM, Dreamworks etc. each year. They are hidden into huge files as they are usually paper copies and there they stay, until the world ends or CGI makes photorealism affordable on full legth movies.

  56. Chris

    @ heystoopid

    That's the problem with cloning from clones - you get replicative fading (ala ST:TNG episode which I cannot remember the title off but which does include Riker saying the line "Send in the Clones" I believe)


  57. Nick
    Thumb Down

    Terminator: The Musical!

    I get the feeling there's going to be a very large James Cameron-shaped hole in this production. Without him directing, this upcoming raft of titles featuring psychotic killing machines with rich, Germanic accents is likely to be an entirely limp affair, with none of the intensity and balls-out action of the first two.

    I mean, the nutter also directed The Abyss and Aliens - the latter of which still has the capacity to scare the living piss out of me to this day.

    Also, action movies like this aren't gory and violent enough these days. Hollywood chumps realised the age of people who could afford to go to the cinema was going down, so they started making movies that would at least scrape a 12 certificate (I'm from the UK, films are classified a bit differently) or be guaranteed a 15 so as to capture the largest possible audience.

    So what we've ended up with are tame shit-flicks like T3 and AVP that reel in the kids, and piss off the grown-ups.

    Think back to the '80s and early '90s, when going to the movies was something adults did more often, then think of the frankly awesome violent action movies we had:




    Total Recall

    Lethal Weapon

    Die Hard


    First Blood, and all the Rambo stuff


    Mad Max films

    Universal Soldier

    Under Siege

    Anything featuring Chuck Norris

    And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

  58. Finn

    Love laced non-violence.

    @Nick, you are right.

    But second problem arising from this never ending search of audience is unisex-movies. There must be a love-intrest in the movie in interestin for both genders. Even war movies!

    Can you imagine, what would happen, if they would take The Longest Day and remake it today? Every single one of the main characters would have a girl (or at least one girl per two characters) and then there would be endless parade of kissing scenes and heartbreak and betrayal. Damn movie would be truly 24 hours experience and half of it placed in rural Kansas.

  59. Robert Harrison
    Thumb Up


    I notice a couple of comments having a bash at the new BSG series and wanted to put a stop to it. Are you mad? The recent Battlestar Galactica shown on sci-fi channel has been a refreshing gritty science fiction in the face of a lack of good sci fi recently. Star Trek Enterprise anyone? urrrgh. *gag*

  60. anthony bingham

    Its all Virtualisation !

    Do we really believe that Arnie lives and the Bush baby is anything other than Java jumping ... its just another day at the Movies guys ... really !

  61. spezzer



    LOVIN IT!!!!

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