back to article Carphone bets on iPhone peripherals and free laptops

Carphone's Q3 07 results show a steady growth in both mobile and fixed-line customers, according to a trading statement issued by the firm. Carphone added 89,000 broadband customers, taking its total to 2.5 million, though less than 500,000 of those are unbundled. Over the last three months another 500 exchanges have been …


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  1. Mike Taylor
    Thumb Up

    Talktalk customer service... definitely better than it was. Went from paying 80/90 a month to BT for phone and broadband to 22. I´m happy. Could almost say "very happy" with TT, but that´d be tempting fate

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    The shop assistants are still morons.

    I work for a major mobile phone Ziabatsu in data support, and anyone who buys from CPW deserves what they get.

    They still insist on selling blackberries on accounts that either cant have them, or without telling the customer it costs extra (and dont even bother adding it on, leaving the customer to scream at me becuase its not working). They say certain hardware isnt vista compatible, when it was vista compatible before we offered it on the network, and their "no refunds, not ever, even if we're lying through our teeth about the actual costs and capabilities" policy is absurd.

    Yeah, I know salesfolk are bad, but CPW have the worst.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm affraid I can't help but make comparison between CPW and PChell!

    I've had dealings with both over dodgy kit/advice/customer service.... I get the impression CPW staff have "Upgraded" from PChell... or maybe they both use the same hiring/training techniques?;

    "Know anything vaguely useful about PCs/Phones? No? You're hired!"

  4. Mountford D

    Someone please tell me something positive about TT

    Having found that we were hardly using our broadband at home, I have just switched from Eclipse to TalkTalk's bundled package to save some money on the assumption that TT is not *that* much worse than one of the BT wholesale mongers like Eclipse. So will someone please reassure me that I haven't signed myself into broadband hell for 18 months!!

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