back to article Seagate admits Flash-fitted HDDs fall short of promised benefits

Seagate has admitted its first-generation hybrid hard drives - standard hard disks with an added Flash memory cache - are not providing the promised benefits, but it blamed the discrepancy on PC BIOS and device driver software. Seagate first discussed its Momentus 5400 PSD (Power-Saving Drive) line of 2.5in hybrid hard drives …


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  1. Simon Ball
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    Waste of time

    Surprise, suprise. What did they expect - a miracle? 256MB limited to the transfer speed of the drive interface is pitiful. Most decent computers have as much or more spare RAM available for caching - and that is obviously much more responsive. Hybrid hard drives aren't going to make much difference unless the cache is much larger - several GB at least - and can transfer data much faster.

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