back to article RM readies Linux sub-laptop... for £169

UK PC company RM - formerly Research Machines, 1980s school-computer buffs - is to bring Asus' tiny Eee PC, launched last June, to these shores - for a mere 169 quid. Asus Eee PC 701 RM's MiniBook: cheap enough for the kids to break with impunity... The laptop will be branded the RM Asus MiniBook. The 890g, 22.5 x 16.5 x …


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  1. Simon Riley


    I've been drooling these Asus mini-thingies for ages. That's the xmas present to self sorted then!

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Not just for web surfing

    "The machine's pitched at schools, but we can see plenty of folk considering the MiniBook as a simple, inexpensive web surfing device."

    ... or a small form-factor webserver. Stick Apache, mod_perl and whatnot on it and Robert is indeed your mother's male sibling.

    Also, this is the sort of device I would have killed for when I was doing field-service/troubleshooting work back in the day - the spec as is would have been ideal for that kind of thing, plus the thing is fairly compact, doesn't weigh 3 tons and looks fairly rugged.

    I might even break my own "I'm not going to buy any more bloody computers!" dictum and pick one up. Hell, at that price it's almost worth picking up a bunch of them and making a baby Beowulf cluster just for the hell of it ... aaaah, just like the old days but without annoying management :-)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    £199 inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

    Makes a big difference.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    String vest?

    A string vest swimsuit? She'll catch her death of cold. The machine itself is very interesting at that price point - they could save a few pennies by lopping off the camera. I don't think anybody is going to buy it for the camera. I wonder if the keyboard is any good.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Mark

    Shame About The OS.....

    It's a shame that they will undoubtably plaster on some hacked and botched RM version of Linux which will have all the usual functions for administering it renamed and hidden away in different places. They do exactly this with thier windows machines under the pretence of "making it easier for non-technical teachers" when in actual fact all they are doing is pissing off IT pro's who ever get a look at the box and find out all the admin tools have been renamed and replaced with RM's stock crapola software. They make thier money from support contracts, not machine sales so they will make sure that people need to call them for support.

  7. Terry Ellis


    I was sceptical that this would ever get released when it was announced a while back, but this looks pretty impressive. Where can I get one?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns


    Looks good, but this laptop runs Suse - the Linux OS from Novell. Novell are effectively owned by Microsoft.

    MS's latest attempt to combat the inevitability of the OSS business model is the *embrace* Linux companies in trouble (Novell, Linspire, Xandros et al), *extend* their technical and commercial interests in the OSS community and finally *extinguish* it with patent litigation.

    Consequently the Asus Eee is part of this rather sinister picture.

  9. Ferry Boat

    Developed Specially for Today's Active Lifestyle

    I'd like to order the model in the second photo. You know, the one on the beach.


  10. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Winux

    "Looks good, but this laptop runs Suse - the Linux OS from Novell. Novell are effectively owned by Microsoft."

    There's nothing in the small print that says you have to *keep* the SuSE distribution unless, of course, you want after sales support.

    Personally, I'd have a bunch of Gentoo install CDs ready and waiting on arrival - given the amount of bloat that seems to come with DeadRat and SuSE these days, the first command I run on the thing would be 'fdisk'.

  11. Anonymous Coward
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    Re: VAT?

    Looks like the prices are ex.VAT, eg:

  12. John Stag
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    The XO for the first world...?

    The screen, etc. are the same size as the OLPC.

    Is this the XO for the "first world"?

  13. A. Lewis

    *$&£^$£$ UK Pricing.

    This sucks. I've been wanting one of these EEE babies ever since I first saw them, and was one of the major attractions was of course the price, initially announced for $200.

    Yippee! Thought I, $200 = £97 (give or take with exchange rates), even with the usual 'being in the UK' tax, it'll surely be about £150! How foolish. The first price I saw put it at £250, and this RM price is £200 (since I wouldn't bother going for the half-ram, half-disk space version just to save £30).

    I am going to look at trying to get one from the US, at the equivalent of £97, even if I have to pay abother £50 for international shipping I'll still have saved money.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RM? You have to be joking surely?

    I echo Mark's comments here entirely.

    IMHO anyone buying anything from RM is a fool.

  15. A. Lewis

    @ "VAT?"

    From RM's site:

    "All prices shown are subject to VAT & delivery unless stated and are on an 'available to education only' basis."

    Great, not only double the basic price here in the UK, but with VAT on top.

  16. Matt
    IT Angle


    now that looks fun, i think ill have me one of those!!! :) and the price is spot-on! although there is no mention of screen res... hopefully it will be 1024x768 at a minimum!


    and as for the RM version of Windows??? you obviously arnt a technical person! all non-domain based RM hardware ships with Vanilla Windows, and if your trying to play with a domain integrated machine and your not a sys admin, then you shouldnt be trying to arse about on someone elses network! or, if you are a sys admin, then you really should think of another job!!! simply put, all the 'RM Crapola' is easily uninstallable or part of AD enforced Polices... you just need sufficent access rights...

    I dont work for RM, but i do support several thousand machines, and its spot on for stoppoing people like you from making a hash of a perfectly good workstation!!! :)

  17. Anonymous Coward


    shit battery life is shit - until it can run for 10 hours have no use for it. It can apparently only run 3 hours.

  18. Simon Riley

    Where can I get one?


  19. Mark


    How resistant to spray water and sand is it? If kids are playing with it, how easy is it to get mud/jam/bogies off the thing by cleaning?

    This item still isn't a replacement for the XO, but may be more useful in a more sanitary and less demanding role in the affluent areas.

    I wonder though if the keyboard is still too small for grown ups.

  20. zebedee

    Plus VAT

    Those prices are exclusive of VAT (according to the RM website)

  21. J


    Pretty nice, I just think more than 4 Gb storage would be even better -- although of course you can use the SD reader for more, I assume. But I see this machine as a great way to empty my DSLR's SD cards while on the field. And you know how big files are these days...

  22. Terry Ellis

    @ Mark

    While this may be true, there isn't exactly a desire out there to hack an RM PC running windows, in the same way that this will. I can't imagine it would be overly difficult to install any Linux (or Win) OS given that it will be running on x86 architecture...

  23. andy rock
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    RE: Shame About The OS.....

    i hear you but i'm pretty sure we could bodge something into it! the difficult bit's already done; it runs linux. just rip its guts out, juggle 'em around and slap 'em back in again. hey presto, distro of choice! how hard could that be?

  24. Dave Bell
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    In schools? No MS Office!

    Whatever we might think about it, schools are pressured into using MS Office by the demands of the job market. And that's partly driven by the ignorance of employment agencies in ticky-box mode. And, generally, IT departments will be wary of supporting "non-standard" systems

    But this is cheap enough that a lot of people will be inclined to flick V-signs in the general direction of Bill Gates. And this looks a quite viable replacement for the old ideas of the late 1980s; the sort of machines to tempt journalists that the likes of Tandy and Clive Sinclair sold.

    Schools? Corporate budgets? I'm not so sure.

  25. Richard

    +VAT and delivery and only for educational establishments!

    According to the RM web site:

    "All prices shown are subject to VAT & delivery unless stated and are on an 'available to education only' basis. RM reserves the right to change specifications and prices."

    So the £199 price comes to £239.12 including vat and delivery.

  26. David S

    The OS

    Presumably there's nothing stopping the purchaser wiping the machine clean and installing their own OS of choice, is there?

    Looks quite tempting... Who'd have thought you'd get geeks drooling over cheap, low-tech kit, eh?

    Maybe it's the swimsuit...

  27. Anonymous Coward
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    Not worth it

    Today (not some time in the future) you can get a full featured laptop from ebuyer for 299.99, inc. VAT and delivery with a much better spec (QF 130388).

  28. Anonymous John

    She's a blonde,

    but I don't think she's Paris Hilton.

  29. Filthysock


    What's the resolution on the screen of this thing? Without the iphone-like zoom feature this thing will be next to useless

  30. Paul
    Thumb Down

    so, an expensive and somewhat crippled machine

    the kohjinsha (mini-vye) seems a much better choice for ultra-portable computing. personally, I find my Sony TX2 to be as small as you can almost usefully get without it becoming a toy, although I must admit at the original US$200 price I was quite tempted. The new Fujitsu U810/840/8240 also looks very nice, albeit with a crippled keyboard :-(

    All in all, I think I'll go with the forthcoming Nokia tablet with the keyboard, if it's any good, otherwise I'll stick with my Sony TX2, Sharp Zaurus c3100 and good old Palm T3, and a Nokia E65 for data communication.

  31. Andy Barber
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    If it runs SuSE it will run Ubuntu. I want half a dozen!

  32. Charles Manning

    Should have ARM, not x86

    Then you'd have a reasonable battery life.

  33. Andrew Dodd
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    Forget about the 2/4Gb

    Looking for one of these as I am off to the states in November.... check out this. as its now 4/8/16Gb

    Paris Hilton

    Why not just get a iPod Touch

    GBP169 + VAT is very chose to GBP199 for iPod Touch. Granted that the screen is bigger, but if you only use basic functions like browsing the web... iPod Touch looks like a better buy

  35. Anonymous Coward
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    Schools don't have to pay VAT, and as these are marketed at education the £169 price tag is exclusive of VAT.

  36. Erlang Lacod

    RM - vs - ?

    Their biggest real competitor in price and spec has to be the second hand market. £ 199 will buy quite a decent spec older Tosh, Lenovo, HP or Dell with a new battery being the only must have extra.

  37. Anonymous Coward
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    Dedian not Suse

    The OS is Debian, and not Suse as previously suggested.

  38. Anonymous Coward

    RM Do not touch that Crap

    RM makes a shitload of money out of Ignorant Schools by Selling them a (Supported my Arse server) Installed (by a Twat who thinks its a Great Idea on a DC with all the FSMO roles to configure it with Raid 5 across all 4 hard drives with no hot Spare) for over £16,000. This hardware complete with the Windows OS licence bought from you're average Server Vendor costs no more than £5000 with a 3 year Hardware support. The Schools who's managment think that RM's fudge of an Admin systems ( that actually slows down youre whole network is fantastic and then employs proffesoinal IT staff to Manage this nightmare of a system), is actually a good Idea need there heads examining. The School who's managment, when told by said IT proffesional that they could potentially save a shitload of money and a have more responsive and more configurable network if they migrated away from RM; still doesn't get it when I left after 6 months to work in Private School who used to use RM but saw the light and although it took 5 years to finish paying fo RM's rubbish is benefitting. After this debacle i wouldn't touch anything from RM with Barge Pole

  39. Chobb Barnett

    Educational use only.

    I've been in touch about buying one of these for our business. No deal. It's for Schools only...

    From an e-mail:


    Following your enquiry regarding an RM Asus Minibook, unfortunately this device is not available to private companies, individuals or non educational establishments.

    A check box will soon be added to our website, stating:-

    "The RM Asus miniBook is exclusively available to UK Education. Please tick this box to confirm you are ordering on behalf of a UK educational establishment. RM reserves the right to reject orders that are later found not to be on behalf of a UK educational establishment."

    I am sorry that we cannot be of assistance on this occasion.


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