back to article Hard disk innovators get physics Nobel

The 2007 Nobel prize for physics has been awarded to the nanotech boffins behind our ever shrinking hard disks, Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg. The pair were honoured for the "discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance", a breakthrough which allowed hard disks to be super-downsized. Both men made the breakthrough, independently, in …


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  1. Paul Kinsler

    I always like to think of giant magnetoresistance ...

    as tiny magnetoconductance. It doesn't sound anywhere near as interesting then.

  2. Don Mitchell

    Nanotech and Tunneling

    First,this has nothing to do with "nano technology", but I guess we are going to read that in every press release about this today.

    GMR is good physics. Glad to see the discoverer's rewarded. The actual GMR disk read head technology was developed by IBM, and it looks like it's already been superceded by a newer and better technique, developed by Seagate, that uses quantum tunneling to measure magnetism. A fast paced industry!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I suppose

    It couldn't possibly have been called dwarf magnetoresistance.

    Now time to clean up this stuff about red giants and brown dwarfs.

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