back to article Kiddie coders embrace Facebook as new-age dev platform

Reid Hoffman believes that Facebook has a big future as a development platform, arguing that many fresh-from-college coders will turn to the popular social networking site when building their next Web-based entertainment application. But he questions whether the Facebook "friends list" - or "social graph" - is suited to business …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Viral? popular you mean, yes?

    I think the term "viral marketing" is a wholesomely misleading term.

    All it conjures for me is:

    - hey! This is popular!


    - hey! Why didn't we think of this at all the meetings we had?

    Viral marketing probably means that project managers did not foresee a happening event and seek to transit the blame of that oversight event to popularity rather than robust product management criteria, yes?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a howling load of mindless bullshit.

    College students and marketing droids have things in common they aren't too keen on working very hard, and they overestimate how stupid everyone else on earth is.

  3. Daniel Ballado-Torres
    IT Angle

    Facebook 'apps'

    Facebook "API"s have as much in common with APIs as an ant to a whale. Same for Facebook "applications".

    Social graphs, well they might do the thing, but Facebook? I wonder if that means that soon enough MySpace and hi5 will cash in and now try to be "enterprise platforms". Too bad lots of kiddies think they're "kewl" because they can do "applications" with JavaScript. I just hope those into CompSys Engineering don't get infected with these hyped "platforms".

    Meanwhile, I'll keep climbing the IT evolutionary ladder, as I know C, Java, some Perl and basically REAL programming languages, and REAL development platforms.

  4. Barry

    Anonymous Coward - Viral Marketting

    Viral marketing is actually a strategy in itself, whereby you set out from the start to get your message out using an existing network of friends or email contacts. The strategy can be used for its relative low cost or to lend credibility to the campaign among a chosen market segment (e.g. youth). The key to success is in making the message attractive to people so that they naturally want to share it with their network of friends/colleagues/family. It works in the same way as those relentless poems, funny pictures or video clips and chain letters. Indeed, it works in a similar fashion to a worm, only with the consensual collaboration of the “infected.”

    A viral marketing campaign would start out with one of those meetings where they decide to use viral marketing. It should not be an afterthought.

  5. Tom Hawkins

    Kiddie coders

    This would explain a lot about most Facebook apps.

  6. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Just wait for Ballmer to buy it up

    As soon as Microsoft buys up Facebook or whatever else, it'll be one social graph to rule them all sooner than you can blink.

    Ballmer will have the kind of relation in a category, and you'll be using MS's site for every kind. LinkedIn will die because all .NET developers and all MCSEs will all want to be on it to better find a colleague or to be reassured by the number of others of their kind in existence.

    And we'll be able to rant about how MS holds yet another monopoly on top of Outlook, IE and Windows.

    Isn't this a wonderful world ?

  7. Curtis W. Rendon
    Paris Hilton

    social graph ???

    Somehow I don't think I want to know. Sounds like something a marketing droid came up with

  8. Snert Lee

    Do I Understand?

    So if someone attaches your name to a Facebook object, then it notifies everyone on your friends list? So what this really does is leverage the power of harassment and spam, no?

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