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Proletarian grill joint Burger King has announced its intention to broaden its brand into mobile phone games, to be developed by Mobliss and promoted in US branches. The games will be (shock) burger-related, with the first requiring the user to complete tasks within a Burger-King-themed city in order to become the protégé of " …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    yah creepy

    He's always been a little off I can't understand why they can't fix him I am not sure what that says about their company when their mascot makes people uneasy.

  2. NoCo37

    Yo! Noid

    I will admit that I spent money to play the Yo! Noid game (advertisement)....

  3. Stu
    Paris Hilton


    is it just me, or did anybody else notice the 'minimum-wage spotty chav brain-dead plebeian' references today on the register?

    McDonalds = Proletarian fryhouse

    Burger King = Proletarian grill joint.

    What do I win?

    P.S. I'm loving the little avatar-y graphics we can put in now! More would go down a treat, also it wouldn't hurt to allow <IMG SRC> tags too - good for seeing how well some people could untwirl the dirty pedophiles face to return it to normal better than the experts could (the other story).

  4. Anonymous Coward


    This going to be a FPS where you have a 'halo' like & heavily armed character whose sole mission is to hunt down "the clown"? Better yet, what will the weapons be, french-fry seeking missile? Exploding burger grenades? Acidic milkshakes?

    I'm sorry but the bun puns are just running rampant right now...

    I'm already out the door to hail a taxi.

  5. Chris C

    re: yah creepy

    "I am not sure what that says about their company when their mascot makes people uneasy."

    Well, to me, it could easily be seen as an attempt by the company to keep people's thoughts occupied with the creepy mascot instead of thinking about what they're eating.

  6. Adam T

    Jokes aside

    They'll sell millions.

    If you don't think so, consider how many millions of thick people glut themselves on crap food every day.

    It's an easy sell.

  7. David S

    Creepy, yes. But isn't that kind of the point?

    I don't know, I'm not a meedja expert or anything, but I kind of had the impression that the king was _supposed_ to be a bit creepy. In a sneaking-up-behind-you-giving-you-burger-cravings kind of a way. Sort of like that stalker character that used to advertise Milk Tray before the injunctions hit...

    Bugger King icon desperately needed. What's the BK angle etc.

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