back to article Betfair catches whiff of tennis match fix

The gentlewomen of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) have gotten their knickers in a twist over some unusual betting activity at the online betting exchange Betfair, the AP reports. The suspicions led Betfair to suspend payouts on the match, in which 120th-ranked Mariya Koryttseva beat No. 96 Tatiana Poutchek of Belarus 6-4 …


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  1. Clovis


    ... the petty sexism in the first paragraph?

  2. Bill Fresher

    Potato Scarface

    Great name.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    You gotta be kidding, sexism, OMG you should have grown up in the 70's, when it was acceptable and the world ran much smoother as you knew your place and what you could say, now half the men in the western world dare not crack a joke without it being racist, sexist, or too political.

    And dont think only women got it, men got sexist remarks too, it worked both ways.

    Or by that statement am I being sexist................

    Better post anonymously before I'm hunted down for being too un-pc..

    As to tennis, you mean its not usually fixed?

    And wrestling/boxing is for real?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    Sexism??? Where?? You cannot be serious!!

    If I tell my son to stop getting his knockers in a twist when he has a tantrum I'm being sexist am I?? That turn of phrase was utilised to It would be sexist not to mention knickers when referring to females when you're prepared to mention it in relation to males..

    Can't we have a normal conversation these days without pedants jumping in where they're not wanted? Blimey, next thing you know, we won't be allowed to call HRH Elizabeth "the Queen" because we'll be accused of being homophobic.. Stop grasping at straws, if you want to hit out at heterosexual white males then be up front about it.. We deserve it after all, nobody else in the world ever puts a toe out of place, says things that might be considered controversial if the tables were turned.

    Hetrosexual white males are a minority.. Leave us alone!

  5. Steve again
    Thumb Down

    This IS a worry

    Like a number of geeks I know, I earn I nice little bit of pocket money on the side on Betfair by betting on "in play" matches - tennis and cricket are the best, I find. I follow cricket much more than I follow tennis but I can still make a bit of money with a small but reasonable knowledge of the sport and a better knowledge of the betting patterns expected during the match. It isn't much of an edge, I aim for - and usually achieve - winnings of about £100 - 200 per month and will generally bet on about 20 matches to do so (winning a small amount on 80% of them and losing a lot on 20%), so a single fixed match is likely to wipe out my winnings for the month.

    No, I didn't bet on either of the matches mentioned.

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