back to article PC superstore puts Microsoft on sale for under £150

The bargains just get better and better at PC World. This week it's got the world's leading software company on sale for a measly £149.99. For some reason there's no further information available on the UK retailer's site. In the absence of any provisos, we assume batteries, cables, Gates and Ballmer, are all included in the …


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  1. Gordon

    They'll be okay....

    They'll be okay, provided they don't start selling a "Linux Torvalds" as well....

  2. James O'Shea


    So if I were to buy Microsoft, could I fire Ballmer? Pix of him carrying a little cardboard box while being escorted to the parking lot by security would be worth the money...

    Maybe I'd let him keep his job if he did the monkey dance for me. Nah... first I'd make him do the monkey dance, _then_ I'd fire him.

  3. Andrew Heenan

    Looks Like A Bargain But ...

    I reckon if I wait a bit, the price will drop below £100.00

    And think about it - if M$ is £100, that makes Ask about £5, and Lycos about 3p.

  4. Iain Gilbert

    My very own

    I've always wanted my very own pet monkey. Although not sure about the excess sweating but at least if I get bored I can lock him in a room with a load of chairs and yell "google".

  5. Andy Jones

    A data with Ballmer

    This is probably just payment to arrange a date with Ballmer. You have to pay for the meal , the monkey suit and the chairs for him to throw as this is not included in the price. He will provide the sweat and for an extra £200 he will do his monkey boy lap dance for you.

    If your surname is Google then be prepared for some abuse! He may fu%#*ing kill you.

    Once he has had his meal he will more than likely accuse you of infringing on their patents or something.

  6. Jon

    Yeah, but...

    Apparently, they won't let you run linux on it - voids the warranty.

  7. steve harris


    That 'image currently not available'

    Made me smile anyway

  8. Shinobi87

    please god someone buy it

    someone needs to buy it then sue pc world for false advertising! it would be hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Stuart Halliday

    Do I have to....

    Do I have to buy a piece of hardware with that? ;-)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cheap at half the price

    The difference between a donkey and a mule is that a donkey is a cross between a duck and a monkey, whereas a mule is a cross between a monk and an eel.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My monitor's £100 cheaper now than when I bought it last year. Bunch of depreciating technology arse. Still, they're charging more than they are for Microsoft.

  12. JayKay

    That's about £199.98 too much

    ...for a company that is worth, in my opinion, no more than 1p with FREE postage.

  13. Dominic Kua

    Would that make me responsible for it?

    I mean I've heard of selling your soul, but actually giving them money to take it?

    Mind you there is a few things I'd like to do to clippy...

    *gets shock paddles*

  14. Iain Porter


    I guess that installing Linux on it would void that warranty..?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Just like everything else at PChell?

    can I get it from Dabs for half the price?

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fools and their money

    Typically inflated PC World price. My advice? Shop around.

  17. Richard Swain

    Not that great a deal

    We sell it for that price to our clients anyway. It's only home and student version, so no Outlook, and only Excel 2007, OneNote 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Word 2007.

    I think we nearly sold one copy of it since it came out! Would have been more amazing if it was small business or pro! But of course, they wouldn't be making their tenner or so then!

  18. Roger Kynaston Silver badge

    does it include ...

    ...the chairs that Ballmer will throw around when he finds out I am going to open source the whole Windows code base?

  19. Adam Frost

    If you try buying it..

    you get this message!


    Due to high demand the following item(s) are currently unavailable.


    Please use the back button to go to the previous page.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Web Exclusive Price?

    I like to go into a store, look at the instore price, then whip out my PDA, reserve it online with some stupid discount, give PDA to PC World employee who looks confused then agrees.

  21. Iain

    Can I buy Microsoft in the US?

    It'll probably cost about half that, thanks to the way they convert dollars to pounds sterling.

  22. randomtask

    Using a dollar sign when typing MS...

    ...totally invalidates any otherwise good points in your posts!

    As does "guesstimate", although MGuestimate doesn't have quite the same ring as MDollar Sign!

    *gives up hope for humanity*

  23. Anonymous Coward


    Oh, I see. It's a picture of a man getting his coat. I wish we could have several icons, e.g. in case someone makes a sordid joke about Paris Hilton AND Steve Jobs.

  24. Martin Owens
    Thumb Up

    Like the images

    Love the little images you guys have put on the comments, perhaps a penguin one to balance out the gates ones?

    Oh Microsoft for sale again? nah didn't want to buy them the first time.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    IT gets better(ish)

    No image available... click on the more info and its Vista HP upgrade... They are also flogging Vista HP with Office Home and Student for a mere £189.99 as a bundle... Vista "Ultimate" (which I call Ultienemy) for a £119.99 32 bit... OEM only and Vista HP OEM for £69.99 32 bit only... are they trying to get trade from Amazon or some of the small businesses on ebay?

    It does however come with the following warning... "OEM software is intended for system builders and small OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who manufacture computer systems and preinstall OEM system builder software onto those systems. It is not intended for purchase or installation by consumers." Clearly they are trying to get around the piece of hardware needed under MS OEM selling terms... maybe thats a good idea as you would get a 1998 recycled RAM key ring with PC World all over it...

    Which IT pro would shop in PC World? PC World know that... so do MS. PC World is normally for people who buy IT products that have pics of a dumb blond or good looking (opinion is divided here) women which translates as a numptie's item with no IT nouce... or nouce to start with.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    give them a PDA?

    Anonymous Vulture, I'd be confused if some IT expert gave me a PDA expecting to buy Microsoft. The joke would be on them!

  27. Anonymous Coward


    Looks like you'll need two extra icons; one for the multitude of Anonymous Vulture comments and another so we can skip those from Amanfrommars.

  28. Ken Laing


    I Suppose it's used, but reboxed to look new.

  29. Marvin the Martian
    Thumb Down

    Swift delivery

    Of course I immediately ordered 1 Microsoft. As the royal mail is not clogging the street nor letterboxes these days, DHL could speedily deliver.

    The package however erroneously contained 1 enraged bobcat! I'd rate them A-- and will not buy from them again.

  30. Steve VanSlyck

    No U.S. Sales?

    Not available for dollars then? What about the export laws? Not to mention passports, visas, &c.?

  31. Mark Nelson
    Thumb Up

    Who wants them??????????????

    If Marvin the Martian wants to take them back to Mars with him then I say good riddance to bad rubbish(The rubbish being Microsoft not Marvin) and give the person (Marvin) who gets rid of them a promotion for such trash removal to a HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL AREA

  32. Tawakalna
    Jobs Horns

    I bought a Microsoft from PC-World...

    ..and it didn't work and wrecked my computer, so I took it back and they said i'd invalidated the warranty by opening the box. I said I'd paid for one of those extended warranties and they looked nervous and said that I'd invalidated that too by installing my Microsoft.

    I think it must have a virus-thing because a purple dinosaur keeps popping up and saying that Uncle Ballmer wants to take me for a ride to get some new shoes.

  33. Anonymous John
    IT Angle

    And PC World is also selling a shredder,

    with something to test it on.

  34. Luke Wells
    Thumb Up

    A good opoutunity

    I'm going to buy Microsoft for £150, spam everyone telling them that I am about to release a stable operating system, sell my shares when the price peaks and leave everyone to pick up the pieces.

    The old classic spam pump and dump scheme :)

  35. N Silver badge

    Windows Vista

    Even if it was free it would still be...

    1. buggy

    2. pointless

    3. require perfectly good hardware to be replaced

    4. Fail the WGA authentication

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