back to article Money men rubbish spooky fears over 3Com deal

Bain Capital Partners, the private equity shop that sounded the death knell for 3Com this week, has moved to kneecap talk of a national security block by the US. Part of the takeover is being funded by Chinese firm Huawei, prompting collywobbles in Washington DC that Beijing might get its pinko mitts on some tasty networking …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge
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    The More Bizarre the Truer IT Gets ......How very Enigmatic

    QuITe Obviously run well by reclusive ex-military man Ren Zhengfei.

    A Forward Step is always a Different Step in a Right Direction or Vice Versa

  2. Dennis Price


    They have to give up USRobotics!

    No way in hell can they have that brand - The Rise of the Machines demands it! My dream of a robot in every home demands it!

    One of Us!

    One of Us!

    One of Us!


    Serious about forcing them to give up the USR brand though... simply UnAmerican.


  3. Mike Moyle

    Sale of 3Com tech to China

    ...organized by Bain Capital...

    ...which was founded by Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney...

    ...I'm just sayin', is all...

  4. Eduard Coli

    When did they start to care?

    Its been in the media before.

    The Chinese did it to Lucent and others.

    When you have manufacturing in China and the People Liberation Army wants access to a technology you have they take it. Complain and the Peoples Republic throws you out of the country. So it follows by extension if the PLA or the PRC want to put a technology into your product and you say anything you lose millions on billions depending on who you are when they throw you out. In the US it is the top 10% wealthiest that make more money by moving production for their companies to China. It is their treason that will sell the US to China.

  5. Chris


    Why is that that you here all this talk about "National security" when Chinese companies want to buy specific U.S. companies (such as the PC business from IBM, purchased by Lenovo, or this 3Com deal), and yet these same people have no problem with the Chinese building virtually all of the motherboards used in every PC?

  6. Anthony Bathgate


    I don't know about you, but the vast majority of my electronic bits are stamped "MADE IN TAIWAN" and are indeed ODM'd by companies in Taiwan. The notable exception being my laptop, which was ODM'd by Compal, in China, using components manufactured in Taiwan and Korea, and assembled in China.

  7. Alan Donaly


    Why what next IBM.

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