back to article Apple patches Windows QuickTime bug

Windows users of QuickTime, Apple's popular media player software, need to apply an update following the discovery of a serious security bug. The vulnerability allows hackers to inject malicious code onto vulnerable systems providing users are tricked into opening a maliciously-constructed QTL (QuickTime Link) file. These files …


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  2. Snafu

    Quicktime alternative

    I wonder if QTA is affected..

  3. Lickass McClippers

    Just as well...

    ...I don't use shitty QT then...

  4. Frank Bough


    ..and which QuickTime competitor is better than QT then, exactly?

    This should be good...

  5. Curtis W. Rendon



  6. Duncan

    qucik time has always been a bit er ahem

    Why would anyone want to use this closed format anyway, if your that up job's bum cheeks you'd use this I guess you'd deserve an exploit or two anyway.

    Why won't quicktime die already?

  7. Frank Bough


    "Why won't quicktime die already?"

    It's just too bastard USEFUL, that's why.

  8. Adrian Esdaile

    Gimme some of yo' spin, Apple!

    "In a security notice, Apple explains the bug stems from flaws in the way Windows versions of QuickTime handle URLs in the qtnext field of QTL files."

    Nice spin. Smoooooth. "...flaws in the way Windows..." Why let truth get in the way of good spin?

    Error in your app? Sloppy out-sourced programing, or even sloppy in-house moneys doing the work? EASY! Blame MS!


This topic is closed for new posts.