back to article Teeny tiny ozone hole for 2007

In 2006, the ozone layer took a real beating, and a hole formed that was of truly epic proportions. It was a record-breaking hole, caused by some 40 million tonnes of the protective layer going AWOL. After that, the hole recorded in 2007 is something of a flop. Weather conditions conspired to keep us and our cancer-prone skin …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is unacceptable!!

    It is unacceptable that we can still find ElReg articles using non-standard units! We all now that use of Dobson units should be discarded!

    So, the right sentence would be: "...when the thickness falls below 0.01571 lg".

  2. TrixyB

    @ Anon Vulture

    Once again Vulture, you amaze me with your comments!!!

    Keep 'em coming!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Reduced growth, or shrinkage?

    It's not entirely clear here as to whether the ozone hole is getting smaller (i.e. it has decreased from the "40 million tonne" hole in 2006, to a "27 million tonne" hole in 2007 - a reduction in size of about 33%), or whether the rate of growth has reduced from 40 million tonnes a year to 27 million tonnes a year (a reduction in growth rate of 33%, but an increase in size of ~68% on last year)?

  4. Lucy Sherriff (Written by Reg staff)

    Quite right

    You are, of course, entirely correct. However, we reserve the right to be as non-standard as we like if we don't feel up to breaking out the calculator. So there.


  5. Ferry Boat

    Re: This is unacceptable!!

    Unless, of course, they are Anita Dobson units.

    Thickness is wrong anyway, we need to know the volume of the hole in ADHs (Anita Dobson's Hair).

  6. eddiewrenn

    great stuff

    "Once the spring returns, this chlorine disrupts the ozone layer causing the ozone to unravel like a sock in urgent need of darning. ®"

    I love The Reg :)

  7. Nick


    I'm not upto speed with these Dobson Units, or lg's. Can you please convert it into MDPM (Matt Damon's Per Mile), or the standard 'double-decker-bus'?

  8. Dave

    Ozone Quantity?

    So how much ozone is there in a hole a mile deep and three miles diameter?

  9. Mark Roome

    @Dave : Ozone Quantity

    Ok, Dave, I'll bite.

    There is NO Ozone in the hole, because, um, its a hole!

    You should really get a taxi now, you have no right to even get your coat. :)

  10. Parax

    SI units or IS Unit!

    in order to prevent confusion withall of these different standards may I propose an universal, nay, Ideal Standard unit of measurement:

    Note you can use this Ideal Standard as a unit of height (floor to seat) , length (wall to edge of seat), bredth (width of seat) weight (self explanitory I hope), volume (cystern only!), and even time (ie flush cycle)

    Note: I only have a twice (sometimes more) daily affiliation with this company.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That's a simple calculation:

    exactly 4.6 times the empty space in a PS3 fanboi's head.

  12. Matty Kaye

    WHAT ?!?!?!

    I think you guys are missing the fundimental issue here ... THERE ARE PEOPLE GETTING PAID TO MEASURE HOLES ?!?

    heck, if its such a big problem, why don't we send all the politicians up there and see whether we can clog the hole ? they're full of hot air (well most of them) anyways.

    As for an international standard, unfortunately a toilet isn't going to work (because some toilets don't have the top resevoir (my spelling is bad)).

    Further more, the empty space in a PS3 fanboi's head is a huge void spanning only inches. if we used that we'd be in the millions of units.

  13. Robert Spencer


    We can come up with another SI base unit, say, I don't know, the COL (can of Lynx). An eighth base unit would get far more headline coverage. Maybe.

  14. Simon Reed

    Shirley Surely...

    "... another SI base unit, say, can of Lynx ... would get far more headline coverage."

    If you want headline coverage, you need Silvikrin, not Lynx.

    Ahem. Is that taxi still free?

  15. Chuck Chandler

    Can't conclude?

    They can't conclude that it is smaller this year based on the measurements but they concluded it was bigger last year on the same measurements?

    In science, if you look for something long enough, you'll find it.

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