back to article Ubuntu chief bids for prima-donna status

I'd like to live in a tub of cream cheese icing. Sadly, that's not an option for me. It is, however, an option for Canonical/Ubuntu head Mark Shuttleworth. The open source advocate has plenty of cash - enough cash to build a breathing apparatus and waste removal system for a man-sized icing pool. I bring up the icing for no …


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  1. Viet

    straight from the horse's mouth

    linux happiness is always a one-liner away.

  2. Greg

    3 cheers


    what a great session!

    Matt, Dave and Ashlee: Nice job - great questions.

    Mark: YTM (you're the man)!!


    Greg Wallace, PIT (Prima donna in training)

  3. Alan Donaly

    Mark reminded me

    I reinstalled a bunch of stuff among them adblock Mark reminded me that it's kind of important to unblock ads from sites you want to keep, nice job guys keep it up. It's hard to say though how long the present advertising thing will be around after all I suppose MS will copy this module eventually.

  4. Ashlee Vance (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: straight from the horse's mouth

    Viet, you're a star. Problem solved. Thanks for the pointer.


  5. John Griffiths

    Shuttleworth the cheapskate

    I had a graphic designer doing a website for me about 18 months ago.

    He was an ubuntu volunteer and work kept slipping because "Mark" kept asking him to fix things ASAP.

    I found it more than a little annoying because with my tiny budget I was actually paying the dude and millionaire mark wasn't paying a damn cent.

    I think the lesson here is "don't pay graphic designers".

  6. amanfromMars Silver badge

    IT was him who did IT......... :-)

    QuITe REVOLUTIONARY Stuff Works, El Reg. Skunk Works Alter Ego/Super Ego Wakes to the Game?

    The Floor is IT Virtualised? No Ceiling?

    Of course IT is. What would you like IT 42 Do with U2?

    FlowurPower2 for AI NeXXXXt Generation where Children Grow and Blossom QuITe Naturally amongst the Weeds.

    A Quantum Funded Leap...... of No Earthly Negative Consequence.... and therefore a Positive Step for Reinforcement, n'est ce pas?

    Zero dDay Posting 071005

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AdBlock and El Reg

    I hate to break it to you guys, but I've been using AdBlock on The Reg ever since I first found it using FireFox Articles come up much faster and I get all that window realestate back.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    insanely active touchpad FIX!

    syndaemon - a program that monitors keyboard activity and disables the touchpad when the keyboard is being used.

  9. Jim Westrich

    Duckrabbit Beer?

    Drink Duckrabbit beer for a living?

    (The beer is quite good)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    @John Griffiths

    "I think the lesson here is "don't pay graphic designers"."

    How about just contracting one who demonstrates that they are committed to YOUR project? We already get screwed around enough by dead-beat non-paying clients, thankyouverymuch!

  11. Andy Hawes
    Thumb Up


    That was the best one yet... I downloaded the OGG file to be faithful... yeh I'm a Ubuntu follower/user... but have to say listening to you guy with the combo of Stella Artois was bringing tears to my eyes! Thanks for this one hope the next Pod cast is just as good!

  12. Kyle

    Great Show

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this show, and I'll be checking back. I'm always looking for quality blogs/podcasts about oss, and I can't believe I haven't run across this site before now.


  13. Simon Vass
    Thumb Up

    Switch off your skype notifications


    This show was by far the best. Can't wait for more of the same, small point though any chance you can switch off your skype/kopete notifications when recording ;-)

    Otherwise please more of the same can we suggest a guest list?

    My money would be someone from Centric or similar for example, especially in light of what you said in Episode 1.


  14. J Wood

    "Cute" doesn't mean "cute"

    Howdy --

    There was a bit of a language barrier in your interview with Shuttleworth. When he said "cute," he didn't mean adorable. He meant clever -- it's another meaning of cute, not used in the U.S., often used in the UK. It was once used in the U.S.; very good technical boxers might have been called "cute," which just mean they were very good strategic fighters.

  15. Luis
    Gates Horns

    on the touchpad

    Why is everyone bitching about the touchpad?, I used aptitude or automatix- i don't remember which- to install the synaptics touchpad driver and the pad is perfectly normal now in my oldie but trustie HP V1000. No fuss really.

    Luis in Mexico

  16. Anonymous Coward

    graphics design

    we all know how important graphics design is on the interweb I mean look at this site ... OK bad example.

  17. Alan Donaly

    What exactly is wrong

    With OpenOffice and why would anyone want to make it like Eclipse which if you have ever tried to install it's modules you know it's not much fun and it's not as convenient as much used as netbeans why is that considered the way to organize an open source project lets look at what is actually coming out of these projects how usable is the product of their efforts. I see a lot of lip service but how is it it still really sucks to use what the hell are they doing with all that community, all those meetings. I want to see results otherwise it is just a bunch of silly babble and buying of IBM stock which might be profitable for some but not worth much to anyone who wants a usable platform to come out the other side.Maybe I am being to simple possibly we are not supposed to get a good quality tool from all this maybe it's just for testing ideas with let me know and I'll stop paying attention.

  18. Greg Nelson

    Up The Down Staircase

    Having played with Linux for 10 years it's interesting to see the recurrence of some problems. From day one documentation has been a bug bearer for seemingly all FLOSS projects. In tandem with the need for strong documentation is the need for modularization. Strong documentation and modularization are themes that resonate throughout the history of FLOSS. It calls to mind Escher prints. Strengths in one area mirror, benefit and are necessary to strengths in another area. The key ingredient is management.

    The job of capable management is articulate in a dual sense. First it's necessary to articulate a problem in a manner amenable to viable solutions. The first order of articulation encompasses good documentation. Secondly it's necessary to articulate the resources available in a way that permits economical solutions. The second mainstay of effective management can be pointed out using the hackneyed metaphor of the right hand working effectively with the left hand, versus, the example of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. The second order of articulation requires management 'get on top of things'. The second order of management requires insight and innovation. An example of second order management thought process was exemplified ,in a cute sense, during the web cast when someone used the term stupider and then questioned whether it was a word. Mark replied it was a word when referencing those who use the term "stupider". Good management can move up the down staircase and down the up staircase to oversee the articulation of resources. Such good management ability is like good stand up comedy. It requires not only the wit but the equally critical sense of perfect timing.

  19. Law
    Paris Hilton


    I am listening now, and just the openning "Ladies and Gentlmen, oh who are we kidding - Gentlemen, welcome.... " had me hooked, such an openning slap to the female techies is as classy as it is true! :)

  20. Selena Deckelmann


    Hey fellas - I'm listening, and a lady.

    Good interview with Mark Shuttleworth. You mentioned virtualization, and have given props to VMWare in the past - how about an interview with Diane Greene?

  21. Nicholas Moore


    Whoever keeps on using Pidgin/Gaim whilst they are doing the podcast - please, turn off sounds. You have no idea how many times I've searched my computer during this podcast to try and find the Pidgin process...

    Otherwise - good stuff.

  22. Shane O Sullivan

    Podcast not available to Ubuntu users

    I find it quite ironic that the link to the podcast points to iTunes, which cannot run on Ubuntu. Is there a reason that the direct link to the rss, , wasn't in the story, so that us Ubuntu users can actually listen to these files?


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