back to article Australian court rings to the sound of satisfaction

A visitor to Australia's Ipswich Magistrates court was seen desperately scrabbling for his phone as it moaned in satisfaction on receipt of a call, according to reports from Ananova. The tone apparently expressed its unmitigated pleasure for more than 20 seconds, surely long enough for any woman, though perhaps not long enough …


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  1. pctechxp


    one had to wonder what was going through his mind when he selected that tone.

  2. Robert W


    Maybe he should have put it on, er, vibrate...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Shouldn't they be confiscating phones in Australian court houses? I mean, aren't the Aussies on the same page as the US, with all their security this and security that? These phones are dangerous! They could be spies for the machines, doncha know?

  4. Gabor Laszlo

    Idiotic ringtones

    Don't get me started on that topic, my coworkers seem to be engaged in some kind of contest to find the most annoying/stupid/embarrassing ring tone out there. I seriously consider taking their mobiles and leaving it for their proctologist to find.

    As a form of protest, my ringtone is now white noise.

  5. Matt Haswell

    Ringtones in the workplace

    I have purged my local area of annoying ringtones when people leave them on the desk to go to meetings or lunch with the simple tactic of removing their phone batteries - usually to the cheers of other annoyed people. The phone owners soon learn to leave them on silent or take them with them.

    It started due to the terrible idea of vodaphone of "if they miss a call and leave a message then the answerphone should call them back about 1 minute later, and again and again and..."

  6. Yuri

    at least ...

    it wasn't male sounds =p

  7. Swee' Pea

    Positive Reinforcement?

    With so many grouches in this world, maybe we all need to hear sounds of satisfaction.

  8. Glenn Alexander

    Those were the days...

    ...when someone would replace the error chime on all the Macs in the uni lab with a sample from 'When Harry Met Sally'.

  9. kain preacher

    US cell phones US courts

    Ahem cell phones are ban on a court per court biases. THe reason for banning them was do to idiots not turning them off. Courts th at do allow cellphones will often ban cellphones that camera features

  10. Tom

    It happens...

    When I working on a bunch of lab machines testing TCP/IP I had set them all up with a "finger" daemon. When they were "fingered" the local response was a quick (2 seconds if I recall) moan. Then I was doing some testing, and decided to "finger" all of the rack (about 10 machines) in sequence. It was great! Then some politically correct idiot decided that this wasn't the best thing to have emitted from the machines, and I was "persuaded" to remove the sound. What a bummer. Oh, well - live and learn.

    The other incident was my Tone & Voice pager (in the early 80's) in a movie theater. Mad scramble to find the button in my coat before I got kicked out of the place. Thankfully (as others have mentioned) now we have "vibrate", and "off".

    Somewhere there is a BOFH story here. Simon??

  11. Graham Lockley

    RE:at least ...

    "at least it wasn't male sounds"

    It lasted 20 secs, if it had been male then there would have been at least 10 secs of snoring :D

  12. Simon Harvey

    yeah ... nah ...

    ... Ipswitch is in SE Queensland not far from Brisbane (or Brissie). Only a true Queenslander would have the nerve (a.k.a. "i dont' give a rat's about authority") to have that ringtone. I'm suprised that he even bothered to turn it off, unless of course he was in the dock.

    More info here:,23739,22523472-952,00.html



  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On a similar vein to a poster above

    Fond memories of writing a script to run on the machines in the uni computer lab to play the smurf theme in midi whenever anyone pressed the "e" key for a capping stunt.

    Drove everyone nuts in record time. Was there for three days.


  14. Haku

    nawty ringtones

    My mate has this (probably NSFW) wav as his ringtone, the reactions from people when he's out in public and his mobile rings is often priceless:

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I was told there was a study

    it established that the most annoying ringtone was a recording of a baby being sick.

  16. laird cummings

    @puking baby

    OK, that's just *wrong.*

    Who would bother *recording* a baby being sick? Using it as a ringtone is just a capper.

  17. Demian Phillips

    Simple solution

    Make all phones have the ring from the red phone in "Our Man Flint".

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