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Gone are the days of candle-lit dinners, Eiffel Tower proposals, and sinking to one's knee. American manufacturer Euri has created the ultimate timesaver for loved-up businessmen. Just pop an engagement ring into the Euricase, record a video, and let a built-in LCD screen do the hard work without you. Euricase Euricase: …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And the winner of least romantic gesture...

    ...goes to the coward who won't get down on one knee and just ask her. Come on, really? The only use for this is as the harshest way to dump a girl, where you get down on one knee, ask her if she'll marry you, then open the box which plays a clip of you saying, "Just kidding!"

    Seriously, no-one do that. Just also don't use the thing at all. Yurgh.

  2. Nick Rutland

    Ring tones, anyone?...

    ...(sorry about that)

  3. Dam


    That's just soooo ridiculous.

    Where's the humanity and emotion here ?

    In a box ?


    Someone, shoot the dumbass that tries to make money with such foolish products :/

    There might be a niche market for a similar product with rotten eggs and anonymous hate messages, for them who released Microsoft (r) Windows (tm) Vista (c) though.

  4. Matty Kaye

    The art of romance

    ... is dead to the fool that invented this.

    This is like the magic wipes. Get off your lazy ass and go get the detergent from the cupboard and put it on a regular cloth ... you arse.

    As for this idea, how the hell are they supposed to find this ? just leave it on the desk. Any decerning woman would have checked anywhere any man would logically have put something like a ring case. They look for these sorts of things. If its got a pre-recorded message; it really takes the fun out of proposing. I mean come on, you'd want to be there for your own wedding right ? you're not going to be there for your funeral when she kills you ...

    now if only they invented gifts to help you break up with people.

    how about a billboard space just for dumping so that you can have photos and messages saying "I dumped you coz you're fat, I hate you" or something more creative and entertaining to others. OR the popup emo in a box. Could be fun.

  5. Curtis W. Rendon


    Just include the Paris Hilton video and you're all set ;-D

    No coat, too hot here. I'll be at the Dog and Duck though...

  6. Liam Johnson

    Other uses

    More fitting with the level of Romance this thing suggests, might be to pop a knobbly condom in there and record a nice message along the lines of “Hi babe, fancy a f*ck?”. At least that way you could get regular use out of it to justify the price tag!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Somewhat impractical

    What makes you think that anyone who would consider this a good idea actually knows any women?

  8. Chris Adams

    It could work

    *object of affection opens box, inside, where a ring should be, is some cash. Video starts*

    "Agent <name of lady here>, A man of your acquaintance, Mr <your name here> has contracted a serious illness called "Love". We are, as yet, unsure if this is the work of the sinister agents known as C.U.P.I.D. It is possible this condition may cause his state to deteriorate and it appears you are the only one who is able to bring him happiness and stability. It is possible this assignment may last as long as he remains alive. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to marry <your name here>. If you accept this mission, you should use the currency located in this box to travel directly to Terminal 2, European flights and proceed directly to the lounge area where your contact will be waiting."

    Wait for her somewhere conspicuous, smile, act casual and present her with the real ring box closely followed by the tickets to Paris. Job Done. Claim your "I'm a romantic bastard, me" prize.

  9. Bill Fresher

    @Chris Adams

    "inside, where a ring should be, is some cash"

    There's only one sort of lady you give cash to as a prelude to "romance"...

  10. David S


    You romantic git. If I weren't male, straight and married I'd consider taking you up... ;)

    And there you go, people. Proof positive that it IS possible to polish a turd...

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