back to article SAP licenses NetWeaver to developers

Four years into its NetWeaver strategy, SAP is finally putting its middleware in the hands of individual developers through a subscription-based licensing package. The world's largest business applications vendor said Tuesday it's making the full NetWeaver stack available to individual developers for the first time under a one- …


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  1. Damien Jorgensen

    Paying for a trial?

    SAP never ceases to amaze me in terms of its licensing structure. Even Oracle makes more sense than SAP.

    Is the company being run by ex communists? Or do they think charging for what amounts to little more than a year’s trial is fair, or even going to get adopted by anyone that can see past the end of SAPs carrot?

  2. Richard Silver badge

    I want one thing from SAP

    And that's a user interface that makes sense and is consistent.

    With all the money pouring into them from so many businesses, you'd think they could put a little bit of it towards researching the human-machine interface.

    Their current system means that I can repair a physical product in under half the time it takes to log the repair in SAP.

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