back to article Google Apps digests Postini, doubles enterprise email inboxes

Google has assimilated the hosted security and compliance features it picked up in its $625m acquisition of Postini into its corporate email service and more than doubled the capacity of inboxes to 25GB. The free Gmail inbox offered to common webplebs remains at 3GB. The Postini deal completed last month and today Google …


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  1. Peter

    4000 character whitelist limit

    I hope they've removed this, I have postini at work, once your whitelist hits 4000 characters it rejects any more, nice bit of code, I expect it's stored in a varchar.

  2. dana

    it's the contacts stupid

    the reason I haven't OK'd migration off exchange 4 2 of my clients is gApps contact management, or complete lack of. Until they get proper contacts (bi directional synch, indexes, DATA FIELDS for christ sake...) they're dead as an enterprise tool, imho.

  3. David Wilkinson

    Try to email a developer.

    RE 4000 character limit

    Once when I though I recognized the cause in a program I tried to email the company, but got no where.

    Then I googled a bit, and found a personal blog by one of the companies programmer working on the product.

    When I sent him a short email detailing how to replicate the problem, and my guess as to the cause and solution and he fixed it the next day!

    Only worked for me once, but it did work. :)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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