back to article Mobile spying service leaked sensitive details to the masses

The makers of Mobile Spy like to tout their tool for secretly tracking calls and text messages on smart phones as the perfect way to monitor employees or teens or catch cheating spouses. According to F-Secure, the service was also a way to leak sensitive information to anyone with a web browser. For $20 per month or $100 for a …


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  1. Mike Silver badge

    Lie down with dogs

    Get up with fleas.

    I am amused that anyone would be surprised that hiring out dodgy work carries a risk of backfiring. "Honor among thieves" is a fable for the marks.

  2. Jon Tocker


    Quite agree. Problem is, the paranoid eavesdroppers are not the ones getting screwed here, it's the poor sods who're being spied on by snooping spouses (spice?), employers, parents etc who're having their private texts and call histories accessed by random strangers.

    Bad enough being a big enough prick to snoop on someone else's phone without getting it done in such a way the whole world can snoop.

    Great conversation:

    "Hey, we've found a vuln in your system."

    "Impossible, it can't be done."

    "What about this evidence?"


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    PayPal should be held liable as well

    I find it amazing how companies such as Flexispy and Mobile Spy can sell products that are obviously illegal in most countries. Governments have to go through great lengths to get permission to eavesdrop on their citizens, yet companies such as Flexyspy can sell their products to the masses. If nobody can stop them from selling them, then why not go after the PayPal? They are a publicly traded company, yet they are the ones who allow these types of products to be sold. Without PayPal it would be difficult to sell these products. I've checked the PayPal acceptable use policies and they state on their own site that these types of products are prohibited from being sold. When I contacted PayPal and reported them, they simply replied "we are investigating" but its been several weeks and nothing has been done. This is an outrage. PayPal obviously thinks more about profit, then what is sold via their services.


  4. Danny Traynor

    eavesdrop on their citizens

    "Governments have to go through great lengths to get permission to eavesdrop on their citizens"

    Unfortunately, it would appear that's no longer the case in this so called 'democracy' the UK

    It makes you feel physically sick.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

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