back to article IBM upgrades brain-bending file system

IBM on Friday is releasing a new version of its General Parallel File System (GPFS) for serious data crunchers. The update, now version 3.2, features improvements to GPFS's policy-based file management system and offers speedier searches. GPFS caters to hardcore users trying to run a file system across numerous systems. It …


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  1. Stu

    GPFS? GPF?

    An unfortunate acronym.

    It's one letter longer than the classic dreaded Windows blue-screen-of-death error General Protection Fault(s?).

    Do we still get GPFs with XP or Vista?

  2. Nick Sargeant

    Windows drivers?

    Can you use GPFS to share storage across Windows servers as well?

  3. Maurice R. del Prado Jr.

    Yes, Windows support in GPFS

    IBM has provided a Statement of Direction stating that Windows support will be offered in GPFS by the end of 2007

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This topic is closed for new posts.

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