back to article Google proposes 'crumbled cookies' in privacy pledge

Google has proposed breaking up the information gathered on users of its services in order to better preserve their privacy. The company told the US Senate that it was investigating the measure after consultation with privacy groups. The company made the claim in a submission to the Senate's investigation of its proposed $3.1bn …


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  1. Tom


    Microsoft says: "[T]he deal would put Google in control of 80 per cent of the market for both text and banner adverts on the internet.". Why should there be any shame in that. Microsoft is in control of over 90% of the desktop market and doesn't have a problem with that!

    Pot, Kettle, Black...

  2. Kevin Thorn

    The ID card

    It's amusing that even Google with all it's technical know-how is aware of the problems with one big database containing eveything about a person, yet the government with it's reputation of I.T. cock-ups want to do exactly this....

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