back to article Adobe claims RIA completeness

Adobe has been getting ahead of itself, hinting at features in future versions of its is Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) development environment while claiming its yet-to-launch platform is now feature complete. Opening its Max 2007 conference, Adobe claimed to have made significant progress on its Rich Internet Application ( …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Prodigal Sons and Doughty Daughters......Black Sheep which add Colour

    That would appear to be as much Adobe going head to head with VMWare as rattling Microsoft and Google's Cages.

    Bravo, Adobe. Just what IT Needs...... Innovative Feeds for Sowing/Nurturing/Harvesting/Enjoying ITs Natural Growth/MetaDataMining/Pharming...... .

    But such is the Virtualised Platform in the CyberSpace Environment. That Intangible which is Virtually Real...... a Known Unknown.

    ITs a whole NeuReal Ball Game, is it not?

    Whom do you Imagine/what do you Imagine Controls IT?

  2. IanKRolfe

    May I be the first...

    To say AIR 2.0 sucks...!

  3. Jason The Saj

    Have any of you worked with AIR?

    Okay, I really don't get the atmosphere of this article. It's trashing a new product that although only in beta is already building a fair following.

    The technology is impressive. I find the comment "trying to compete with Microsoft & Google Gears" almost comical. Wait, who's trying to catch up to who?

    Just lame to see an article trashing a technology...perhaps the author was just irked by the statement of "feature complete". Clearly, they're just they don't understand the development cycle.

    The newly released beta's of AIR & Flex 3 are "feature complete betas", this is where the developer decides to stop adding new features and focus on getting all the kinks out. (Sure a few features might be dropped or added before the final version if problems arise. Hence it's still a beta. But it's predicted to remain with the released feature set.)

    Sorry, this post was just lame by my standards.


    - Low content

    - Almost all opinion without fact

    - Mere unsubstantiated criticism

    Not news....not worth my time...more akin to slander than anything worth posting.


    For those who have NOT checked out Adobe's recent innovation, please pause and take a look. Adobe AIR is a powerful innovation. And Adobe's not stopping! Adobe also just announced a revolutionary technology - "thermo" that let's graphic designers implement RIA technology right off their graphic designs. Not for everyone, but has a lot of potential.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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