back to article Palm punts consumer-friendly Centro phone

Palm has, as expected, announced its Centro smartphone with US carrier Sprint, though the new-design handset won't go on sale until the middle of October. Palm Centro Palm Centro Palm's Centro: cut-down and consumer friendly The Centro - codenamed 'Gryphon' - is visually the same handset as the Treo 500v - aka 'Otto' - …


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  1. Tom Peach

    Wake me up.....

    When Palm release their Linux based phone with wifi.

    How is it possible for Palm to ignore so many people asking for the same thing yet?

  2. Doc Farmer

    ...before you go go

    I think you'll be pulling a Rip Van Winkle on this one, sir.

  3. Shannon Jacobs

    What's with this nano-keyboard?

    I can barely understand a small numeric keypad for a phone, but small keyboards reek, and this is even smaller that the reeking small keyboard on my current admittedly terrible phone. Palm still hasn't got their eye on the ball--they need to simplify and quit trying to do non-PDA non-phone things on their devices.

  4. Kamal Hashmi


    When my ancient Clie started misbehaving earlier this year I tried replacing both my phone and PDA with a single device. Bleah. The Treo was too kludgy and the N73 was pathetic as a PDA and the synch was awful. So I went back to a phone phone (with teeny camera) and a Palm. They really need to solve the form-factor problem. I'd have thought they'd try an all-touch phone years ago but now apple have beaten them to it ... on the other hand now might be a good time to be a follower? (I believe the TX already does everything the iTouch does and more).

This topic is closed for new posts.

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