back to article 3Com finally sells out to China

Networking gear nearly man 3Com has agreed to a $2.2bn buyout by an investment outfit backed by its former Chinese manufacturing partner Huawei Technologies. The move, fronted by Bain Capital Partners, will take 3Com into private ownership and shareholders will bag a 44 per cent premium on the stocks' current $3.68 listing. …


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  1. Julian Garrett

    Is the writer on acid?

    Jeezus dude, check your grammar!!

    I just had an ex girlfriend of mine ring me up just the telling me she was on acid for the first time, and her grammar was about as bad.

    Maybe she's hanging out with you...

  2. Dennis Price


    That means those bastiches get the US Robotics brand!

    And that, my friend, is what *really* pisses me off!

This topic is closed for new posts.