back to article Tulip tries to buy back Commodore brand

Dutch manufacturer Tulip Computers has announced it wants to buy back the Commodore brand it sold to Yeahronimo Media Ventures in 2004 for €22m. The computer maker is planning to bid $1 a share for the US computer firm Commodore, valuing the company at $81m. Commodore, best known for its legendary Commodore 64 computer in the …


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  1. Stephen Gray

    LOng live Commodre

    I remember when 64 was da bomb, ill shit and all dat (I belive thats thats what the kids say these days) lol

  2. Kostas

    Commodore link is wrong

    Why do i have this feeling that the link presented in the article has nothing to do with commodore computers ?

  3. pctechxp

    the correct link

    for commodore gaming at least is

    Come on Jan, you're letting the side down.

  4. Jesse Bartholomew

    Commodore no longer lives

    The Problem with the entire shift that has happened time and time again with Commodore since 94 is that all these companies are doing is trying to pry on peoples memories of the former products, which the new products have nothing to do with. Commodore stood for Innovation in Computing, a system that was ahead of its time (in the Amiga).

    How many People who were Commodore Fanboys, were proud when they found out Babalon 5 was done on a Miggy using a Toaster, or that Terminator 3 was done with the same. These new PC's are nothing but Whitebox PC's with a name that was revered back in the day.

    If a company is going to buy the Commodore name, it should be to Release OS 4.5 and the Power PC Support (or whatever they can come up with)

    I remember running aps like winamp (Poweramp) on my amiga 4000 030 with 16mb of Ram and a 250MB HDD and still not have a problem multitasking and doing spreadsheets and word docs at the same time.

    Show me a PC that is capable of that with those specs and that will be a PC worth putting the Commodore name on.

  5. Bad Beaver

    @ Jesse Bartholomew

    100% ACK. Commodore created awesome machines back in the day, yet all we have seen done with the brand lately are shameful attempts to exploit that ancient glory. People old enough to remember the C64 and AMIGA years are likely also savvy enough to see through this futility.

  6. Matt Bucknall

    In fact...

    Screw all this PC nonsense. Bring back Commodore of old and give the people what they really want. An all-in-one plastic enclosure depicting every shade of poo there is, audio cassette non-volatile storage etc. But this time lets go crazy and over-clock the 6510 to 20GHz! Yeah!

  7. John Stirling

    Ah the old days

    When men were men, and computers were 7 Mhz.

    When computer games came on a proper media, and full price was £6.95.

    When 'The Hobbit' took 15 minutes to load, and came with the book. Which you could read whilst it was loading.

    The C-64 was great, and the Amiga was greater, in the latter case because of genuine pre-emptive multi-tasking which actually worked rather better than anything since. I still have both, in hardware in the garage, and in software on my pc. And it can still bring my pc to it's knees if it does something complex with custom chips and proper multi-tasking. On a dual core big memory machine. Not an entirely fair comparison, but you get the idea.

    However time moves on, no-one is actually going to use the heritage to bring out a new decent OS - not least because I don't think the code comes with the name, and no-one cares any more - I cannot believe that the 'Commodore' name has much currency now, so why bother. And why this much money?

    Oh, oh, I know, they are going to bring out some ships - where at least the name has relevance.

    Now I'd buy a Commodore ship - that's better than a Captain.

    Although the car insurance people will always have an advantage.

  8. Jesse Bartholomew

    RE: Ah the old Days

    John, you are right, The Name is now worth more than the product C=

    It is a Logo that anyone who remembers it will always bring back memories of great computers, and a company who stood by there morals, and then died LOL

    I actually still have my 4000 030 (running) and still boot it up every once in a while just to make sure it is still alive. I have drawers and drawers of Games and Demo Disks from Various Amiga Magazines, and look back at how much better things were back then.

    I remember a few years ago my friends getting turned on to Worms for the PC. I just said "that's old news" I've been playing it on my Amiga for years, Same thing with Themepark and countless other games.

    I am amazed at the number of old Amiga Games that have been ported to PC and 90% of the world would never realize that these games have been around for decades on the Amiga.

    The Amiga was just another one of those things that was ahead of its time, and suffered because of it. If Commodore Ltd. kept its promises and delivered OS 4.1 back in the early 90's then who knows where the Amiga would be now, Especially now with the Intel Based PPC Chips. I could only imagine what an Amiga running at 3Ghz with 2Gb of Ram would be capable of if my old 4000 030 could outpreform most PC's of the day, and even some now.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Absolute Tragedy

    That the crap Apple survives and the amazing Amiga is no more <sob> Guess marketing is far more important than a quality product.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Commodore, the turd that just won't flush...


  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: Commodore, the turd that just won't flush...

    I take it you were a speccy fan then.....

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