back to article Vonage trips $69.5m patent

VoIP provider Vonage has lost another patent battle, this time with Sprint Nextel, which owns six infringed patents and stands to gain almost $70m in a court-ordered payout. The case was lodged by Sprint back in 2005, but Vonage has been arguing that the patents should never have been approved, and that Vonage technololgy is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, that explains it.

    "arguments which failed to convince the _Kansas_ jury."

    Well there's your problem. Asking any of those backwards, culturally retarded luddites to intelligently discern anything is a mistake. After all, when faced with the difficult task of choosing between invisible people in the sky who throw lightning bolts, make entire worlds in six days and plant dinosaur bones to fool non-believers or science, they chose the former.

    Obviously their deductive reasoning skills are above par.

  2. Matthew Saroff

    Yet another Bull#$@! Patent Helping the Big Guys

    IP is there to promote the useful arts and sciences, not to maintain monopolies.

    IP law is out of bloody control.

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