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A lot of PC makers are riding the going green pony pretty hard these days, but the folks at Dell — you've got to give them credit — are making a show out of boiling the poor thing down to eco-friendly glue. Nary a week goes by without Dell reminding us how they intend to sponge off our ravaged Earth Mother. Don't get the wrong …


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  1. Corrine

    Dell offer to plant *one* tree.

    But you'd need to plant 30 trees, just for your processor. The plant a tree thing does nothing significant besides making people feel good about the 300 watt system they bought.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not the first

    Quite aside from the arguments as to the validity of carbon offsetting, Dell aren't, as claimed, the first computer manufacturer to do this. See:

  3. Alan Paice

    Good on Mr Dell

    I think its a good step in the right direction. May be I will think about my no Dell Policy.

  4. James Condron

    @Alan Price

    I'd love to know exactly what you think the direction is. Maybe carbon offsetting will have an effect on anthropogenic global warming...? Bollocks it will. Maybe planting more trees will help neutralise CO2? bollocks- el reg had a story not too long ago about that. Maybe carbon offsetting has an effect on the icecaps melting? Well, when they show a melting trend as opposed to the thickening trend they are showing you'll have some intelligent input.

    Instead of your no Dell policy, the world should have a no Alan Price policy.

  5. Bytus

    Best thing about that?

    The fact that they'll send out some guy in his V8 pick-up truck to drive somewhere to plant that tree! :-P

    Carbon neutral my ass. Only an american would actually believe such a bogus program makes sense...but then again...they think the Prius is a fuel-economic car so what the heck.

  6. Bryant Hilton

    clarification from Dell

    Hi this is Bryant, i work on enviornment issues at Dell -- want to be very sure we're clear about 3 things with this announcement:

    1. that while we recognise the limitations of offsets, at the moment there is not enough power from renewable sources available for us - we'll continue to push for more availability and buy as much as we can -- offsets are our last resort to being carbon neutral.

    2. we are working with a worldwide group of environmentalists to formulate the offset strategy to ensure projects are verifiable, permanent and meaningful.

    3. that our offset strategy is not all reforestation.

    As for Bytus - what gives with your anti-American statement? We're accounting for worldwide emissions from Dell owned facilities wiht the U.S. EPA as a third party guiding and assisting, will cut energy use as much as possible through efficiency (check our release for a few good examples), buy as much renewable power as possible, and then offset what we have to until there is all renewable power as we need to run a growing global business. It's all data driven and verified by NGOs. Don't really see your need to bash Americans over that.

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