back to article Don't get stuck with AJAX, Oracle warns

Oracle this week told developers to be wary of the hype surrounding AJAX frameworks and encouraged large organizations to back JavaServer Faces (JSF) to "Web 2.0-enable" applications. Ted Farrell, the exec setting technical and strategic direction of Oracle's own development tools, told The Register that most AJAX frameworks …


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  1. Alan Donaly

    If we had wanted JSF we would have

    used it but we didn't. Obviously "backend" integration is very important to this man.

  2. tom

    Java? Oracle?

    This message from Oracle, makers of the dreaded java-based Oracle Database Install Wizard? If that's an example of how user interfaces are supposed to work, excuse me while I continue using AJAX.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Java Server Feces?

    Am I the only one misreading it like this? :-)

  4. Chris Cheale

    missing the point

    I think this guy saw the whole "point" of AJaX-style technology as it flew waaaaay over his head.

    ALL AJaX does is simply provide a way for a webpage to dynamically read in an XML file without reloading the page... that's it. Really there IS NO backend integration in AJaX - that all comes from how you generate the XML file. You're not locked into anything.

    You have a backend file that pulls information from a database (for example) based on either a GET or POST request. It outputs that data as XML.

    You then have your presentation layer which reads that XML file and works out what to do with it - this could be using DHTML (AJaX) or even Flash (since about version 5).

    The backend integration and the presentation layer are two totally separate entities that merely use XML as a translator - and, to me at least, that seems like a good idea that doesn't lock you into anything and can be expanded as future needs require... what were the benefits of JSF again?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    JSF is an AJAX framework

    It's probably relevant to point out clearly that you can implement JSF components with AJAX technology--it is itself an AJAX framework as well as being a framework for integrating a lot of other technologies. Kind of an open-source, Web-2.0 VB, dare I say :). See the JBoss JSF toolset, for example, which implements AJAX components that the Register reported on a month ago. This may be a rare example where Oracle got something right. Our shop is moving full ahead using this technology, and it reduces the amount of programming hugely and is pretty much standard by now. A real standard would of course be nice, and JSF has a better shot at that than the AJAX frameworks.

  6. GreatWebGuy

    Isn't the idea to make things more responsive?

    I don't have much trust in anything Oracle. I've seen OAS perform at a scability level of 10X worse than WebSphere from a response time and user load perspective. I've seen JSF fail as a scalable technology in numerous performance tests, even on performant application servers. I think Oracle is behind about 3 years when it comes to their application server technology, and I'd like to ask Oracle where they've successfully implemented their fusion stack. And when has Oracle ever made anything easier or cheaper for that matter? Their development products are <a href="">functional messes</a>, their applications servers can't perform at enterprise levels, and nothing is easy about implementing their product stack. Ask the $270/hr contractors that come with their pro services.

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