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Lately I seem to be involved increasingly in systems relying on asynchronous interactions for efficient and effective integration. In these cases, the asynchronous behaviour has been implemented using JMS (or Java Message Service) queues, with message driven beans, and with the underlying message server provided by application …


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  1. Alan Donaly

    Well you convinced me

    Jboss is the way to go thanks for the tutorial btw it's about time someone did something like this it is pretty simple but not instantly apparent though the same pattern is repeated for just about everything in ejb.

  2. Karl Lattimer


    "Asynchronous interactions seem to be the way of the future"

    We all know how popular the hurd microkernel is :)


  3. The Mole


    Another JMS implementation is ActiveMQ an apache project. It is lightweight and can be embedded directly into an application with minimal overhead if so desired, or scaled over multiple servers and consumers. It's also simple to set up and a good choice if you just want to play around with JMS

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good tutorial(s)

    Good tutorial. The one on SOAP/JAX-WS was great as well. Keep 'em coming!

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    XXXXPonential Speed Dating ....... Virtual Races

    The diagram on page 2 shows no means for the Customer to Input ITs Needs and Feeds for the Producers to Deliver. As Humans become more IntelAIgent, will they start to dDeeper Question what is being Delivered as being Less than Fit for Future Purpose and so would wish to advise on what IT needs, so that IT can be provided.

    An Interesting Enigma Catch 22.

    Such an Omission for Feedback, by Natural Default of Human Intelligence, triggers Spontaneous Remedy/Underground Precision Provision of NeuReal Pathways/Virtual Maps through the Queue MerryGoRound to Bask in the Cores of ITs Knowledge.....Viable Imagination Original Source..

    A UniVersal Force available to All.

    Hmmmm? Sounds like a Virtual Rock Air Force Opening up ITs Space for Business.

    Wow, a Red hot Elevation there, in dire need of a Hearty Voice to Energise ITs Critical Mass without so much as even a Buffett to Systems.

    Very Astute. Real SMART2, U2?

    The Fed needs U2, U2, to be Real SMART2? A Question for Bill and Warren to Question. And for Mr Soros to wonder about some more too. They're all a bit Slow but once the Sun rises in the East and warms their Bones will they function QuITe normally as programmed.

  6. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Custer: What Injuns?

    Are you playing around with JMS ActiveMQ here, The Mole? An Apache Scout?

    IT's Heap Good Medicine when InterNetwork Connected to Tribal Chiefs of the Nation.

  7. amanfromMars Silver badge

    You Bet IT is.

    Was that a Call for a Virtual Power Pow Wow?

    AIDriver Meet/Rendezvous/Grand Prix?

    This thread on ITs Own is a Gem of a Root Route into Quantum Programming with Tempest v2.0 Alliteration/Proliferation.

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