back to article No more buys from Acer

Acer has pulled itself off the acquisition trail for the foreseeable future and will spend the next couple of years digesting Gateway and Packard Bell. Acer reckons its integration plan for Gateway will be in place for November, with the combined company ready to hit the ground on 1 January. The Taiwanese PC giant insists …


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  1. Simon Greenwood

    Time to kill off the Packard Bell brand?

    One can only hope. It's the computer equivalent of a Kay guitar.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Here we go again

    Too bad someone doesn't stop these aquasitions. Whats acer going to do buy up its compitition. We headed for another monopoly?

    Don't have a thing agains Acer have considered buying their product. But we don't want one CP co. One oil co. etc etc.

    When are we going to stop these takeovers.

    Oh But I guess this is the Republican way!

  3. Rob

    Well done Acer, keep an eye on this lot...

    ... they have been going from strength to strength lately. First laptops from Acer I had experience with were awful, but recently I have been buying a number of Vista grade laptops for people and generally speaking they are good.

    If they keep and improve these standards and follow them through to the subsidiary brands they will be a major contender in the future.

  4. Steven Hewittt

    Ditch them

    eMachines and Packard Bell are possibly the worst machines i've ever had to even look at. Made from the cheapest possible parts, with 4 years old technology as the base just overclocked - yet sold as new.

    Ditch them, and replace them with standard Acer gear. Not a massive Acer fan, but it's a LOT better than the eMachines muck.

This topic is closed for new posts.