back to article ABN Amro customer deets tip up on BearShare

Social security numbers and other sensitive information belonging to more than 5,000 customers of ABN Amro Mortgage Group have been leaked onto the BearShare file-sharing network by a former employee, according to news reports. The information, which also included names and mortgage details, appear to have been leaked after a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why did she have that data on a non-company laptop?

    The first question to ask is why that data left the company doors. It should have never been on a non-company machine. The second question is how. Only the third question is why..

  2. Joe K


    I haven't heard of that since about 2001 when it was castrasted by all for being riddled with spyware (one of the first offenders)

    Bloody hell, people still use that thing?!?!???!

  3. Alan Donaly


    No not real people anyway just those same victim creatures that make the internet so entertaining and profitable for criminals.

  4. Matt Thornton

    "deets tip up"

    Are you kidding me? Is our journalist that determined to stay 'down with the kids' that he'll sacrifice good old-fashioned readable English for some "street young peeps" vernacular?

    Oh dear God. Word.

  5. David Wilkinson

    The ads pay for thier marketing budget

    If you ever wonder why certain commercial software products continue to thrive in spite of the existence of superior free and or open source alternatives, its because they have money to spend on marketing.


    Anyway I think you mean castigated, because as often as I find Bearshare on spyware infested computers, I have no doubt that its reproductive organs are fully intact.

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  7. Robin Mosse


    never mind a non work machine, this data should never be anywhere but encrypted on the network and accessible only via secure vpn externally. Whats with these clowns letting their workers lug this data around or even be able to make dumps of it at all?

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