back to article Yahoo! In! Ninth! Circle! Of! Security! Hell!

Trouble came in pairs for instant messenger users this week with the disclosure of unpatched flaws in chat software from both AOL and Yahoo! The Yahoo! vulnerability is by far the worst of the two, not least because exploit code was posted on the milw0rm full disclosure mailing list on Wednesday. A security bug in Yahoo!'s …


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  1. Nano nano


    So use the open source alternative - Pidgin (formerly Gaim) - which runs most IM systems including AOL, MSN and Yahoo (but not Skype yet).

  2. Matt Thornton


    big deal. i'm just pleased this post wasn't titled "Yahoo! in! ninth! circle! of! security! hell!" as would be the traditional overused Reg norm.

  3. Alan Donaly

    Where! are! the!!

    You forgot the exclamation marks! So I added some! The fact that this convention annoys the crap out of me and many other people as it makes it really hard to read the title, is reason enough to continue it. As to the messenger problems. Security, in an instant messaging client are you drunk.

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

  5. Ryan

    Keep! El! Reg! Unique! Damnit!

    Bring! Back! Yahoo! Exclaimation! Marks!

  6. Cade Metz (Written by Reg staff)


    I have added the !s

    Cade Metz

  7. Alan Donaly


    Thank you Cade.

  8. Graham Marsden


    Get! A! Life!

  9. sue


    Aside from the seriousness of the article letting all those uneducated users of pc's, panic, could we (read you) stop with the exclamations after every word when it comes to something to do with Yahboo, please?

    It's extraordinarily annoying to have William Shatner as Capt. Kirk style voice in your head whilst reading the headline.

    I'm worried it will become such the norm that I'll be asking the fella 'do! you! want! a! drink! ?! or even worse, you'll infect PCW and new punters will hear things like 'The! Motherboard! needs! replacing! It! will! take! 6 weeks!, bad enough when said normally.


  10. Joe

    The "!" voice...

    So Sue hears William Shatner's voice when reading Yahoo! titles?

    Funny, in my mind it's the voice of a dalek...

    The! Voice! Of! A! Dalek! I! Say!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it's the law

    yahoo must be referred to as Yahoo! I think they got arsey about it once, so it's! all! the! way!

  12. Steve

    @Where! are! the!!

    If you find punctuation makes sentences hard to read, you may wish wish to consider some remedial English classes.

    And yes, I am drunk, thanks for asking :-)

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