back to article Music industry cripples eDonkey network

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has shut down six eDonkey servers in Germany through a series of injunctions from regional courts in Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, and Frankfurt. The IFPI claims the actions have dramatically reduced file sharing. According to P2P Blog, the servers taken …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yep, it's a battlefield out there

    The ED2K/eMule network has indeed been crippled. File availability and number of users connected have dropped dramatically in the past 3 days. The decentralised Kad protocol is being touted as alternative, but really the servers that the RIAA took down are the backbone. eMule may well go the way of WinMX the way things are looking.

  2. Marco

    Nodes essential

    For the last years the edonkey network is essentially emule - a free client that in its last revisions sports use of the Kademlia protocol.

    This protocol ensures that users can hook up to the network by looking for other users without getting connected to them through servers. Therefore the use of servers is not necessary anymore. Shutting them down makes it harder to look for files, but doesn't cripple the network per se.

    Actions against the servers come way too late to stop ed2k.

  3. ben edwards


    We can always go back to this baby. Especially now even in Australia where some residents are getting 1mb/s upload speeds. Not as fast as alot of our Euro cousins, but its becoming feasible again.

  4. William Bronze badge

    War of attrition

    Same as with drug dealers. You take one out, and another takes their place. You have to stop demand. And how are they going to do that with their stupid DRM requirements and silly prices...

  5. Ian Rogers

    @ ftp!

    "We can always go back to this baby"

    The method of transferring files is not the issue - using P2P rather than ftp just relieves load on the server - but file or network "discovery" is essential and that's what the 6 eDonkey servers amongst others provided.

    The KAD protocol can go part of the way, but it will be difficult to prevent "islands" of networks without the central discovery server...

  6. Sampler

    "The IFPI claims the actions have dramatically reduced file sharing"

    Well what they claim and what they've achieved seem to vary greatly. Since MetaMachine stopped releasing eDonkey (which contary to your article cannot be used anymore due to an annoying screen filling pop-up saying your breaking the law, even when you're not doing anything and therefore aren't) the only option for the eD2k network users is the open source eMule project which utilise Kademila aswell as the servers.

    This protocol has been implemented for a couple of years now and returns more results than servers for searches and can handles other server related tasks with equal improvement.

    eMule no longer really needs servers anymore - which shows a clear lack of understanding on the IFPI's stance of the network they're attacking.

    Additional this is all based on the premise that users utlise servers for searches in any case - the vast majority using much more reliable hash-indexing sites.

    All they've done is taken peoples computers under false pretenses - they've broken no laws, the protocols running on those servers is legal and has legit uses.

    It's akin to arresting people and taking away there permanant markers because they COULD be used to circumvent some copyright protected discs (you just have to know where to make the mark) and will have as much impact on preventing copyright theives from going about there nefarious ways.

    Now I'm not saying I'm pro downloading something you've not paid for, far from it, what I'm saying is if this cack-handed manner of going about preventing copyright theives is the best they can manage then they might as well just go back to sueing their own customers.

    I've been a long time user of eD2k and was even a moderator on MetaMachines eDonkey forum - the applciation and protocol can be used for a lot of good aswell as the obvious bad and should not be tarred with the same brush and made synonymous with illegal downloads - how many linux distros are available on eD2k by there creators? How many garage bands share there work on the network to get wider appeal and start a fan base? Indie movie creators who can't afford the expensive bandwidth of hosting the videos themselves.

    The network is a great tool used correctly, the impact of the IFPI has made today (if any - as above) will affect legitimate users alongside any neferious peeps and should be in itself considered illegal.

  7. RK

    sigh, bummer...but there's plenty more

    that's too bad, "Donkey Server No. 6" was my server of choice, followed by "No. 2". i'm surprised it took them this long to shut them down, but there's probably 60 more servers in the list. most of my stuff comes down via Kad anyway, so i doubt it will slow things down for long.

  8. RRRoamer


    "You have to stop demand. And how are they going to do that with their stupid DRM requirements and silly prices..."

    They have created an industry where the pirated material is MORE valuable than the (DRM equiped) legal material! How in the world do they EVER hope to stop people from obtaining the higher quality, DRM free downloads?

    Until they realize that their pricing structure is totally out of line with what the material is worth to people, they are going to keep declining. Actions such as this are really not that important.

    Of course, given human nature and history, they will NOT realize that error of their ways. Instead, they will ride this plane all the way into the ground. Some new startup that does not have all the historical "baggage" as the current industry will rise up and supplant them totally.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Sampler

    "Additional this is all based on the premise that users utlise servers for searches in any case - the vast majority using much more reliable hash-indexing sites."

    The vast majority of users, up to now, got their search results from ED2K servers. The hash-indexing sites out there are poorly designed, cumbersome and often show up less than a server which has a big index of files.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is like permanantly shutting down the M1 because it's often used by Big Vern in his getaway vehicle after a blag.

    Why don't they just go the whole hog and shut down the whole Internet? That'll show those pesky file-sharers.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what about...

    ... news binaries then? Are they dead in the water too yet, or are the IFPI etc saying nothing about them because if they did they'd make themselves look even sillier than they already do?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    KAD works fine

    The KAD network seems to work fine. Fewer files than on E2DK at the moment but that will improve as more and more users will connect to KAD.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ISP insurance!!

    We need to pass a law allowing ISP's to sell download and upload insurance to there costumers and when the IRAA, MPAA and all the other trade groups come calling they can tell them go collect from the insurance company's... PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!


  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Idiotic

    > Why don't they just go the whole hog and shut down the whole Internet? That'll show those pesky file-sharers.

    They're working on that.

  15. Alex

    I don't know why they are all so worried...

    the internet is just a fad, it'll never catch on!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Elton f'ing John!!!

    That twat doesn't live in the real world.

    Disliked the bloke(?) for ages, but really started hating him after buying the wife (an Elton fan) a (f'ing expensive) ticket to a gig of his as a birthday present.

    After 20 minutes he had a hissy fit over a heckler, pissed off off stage, and never came back. The bouncers came in and shoved everybody out and that was that.

    No refund.

    I can't, for the life of me, understand why anyone would want to listen to any of his miserable little tunes, let alone actually PAY for them.

  17. Dam

    Re: ISP insurance

    That's called a global license, and alas France was about to vote it but the RIAA/MPAA fucktards intervened :/

  18. Luke Wells

    Oh no..... what will we do

    Well done RIAA!

    You've really crippled the network. It took me ages (5 seconds) to highlight and delete the "Donkey Server No xx" servers from the list, and choose the next busiest server.

    And what a big inconvenience it will be (5 seconds) when we have to re-add the "Donkey Server No xx" servers in a couple of weeks time, once they get their servers returned to them :)

  19. Sacha TF Padovani

    Still 30 servers roughly out there

    Checked out just half an hour ago. Google up the .met file. the 3-4th address returned has got good servers. No sign of the nearly 800K users per server, though.

    And Kademlia really bogs down XP machines and home routers with an enormous amoutn of connections :(

  20. El Brad

    What the?

    I know what an eDonkey is, but what the hell's a phonograph?

  21. Jacob

    cripple? stumble i'd say

    Hmm from what I can see 2 alternative donkey servers for 2.0 and 3.0 have been put in place, donkeyserver 2.0 is still there as and there's still a razorback server as well

    in otherwords they have managed to cripple it for a few hours... (or maybe just make it stumble)

    And as mentioned before Kademlia is still there as well so in the end have they really managed anything other then take out a few servers which on their own contain nothing illegal, and have been replaced rather quickly?

    I think the answer is no.

  22. sack

    The music industry has almost completely removed any incentive for me to pirate anything

    mostly because they don't seem to be releasing anything worth having. At least it means I only buy a decent album once in a blue moon and everything is legal...

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for making the Emule network even more decentralised.Superb!! :))

    The fact is.Not everyone downloads copyright material from Emule servers.To cause disruption to this P2P Network by eliminating the top six servers [edonkey 1-6] via the courts, only serves to make the network even more secure.With the advent of no-ip technology,decentralisation and further advances in this field,I'm looking forward to continuing to download fair-use material until the day I'm buried six feet under.Untill then,I'd be more than happy to fund replacement servers for those of whom have been shutdown.Why?....because the "International Federation of the Phonographic Industry" is paid a supreme amount of money by it's 1,450 affiliated members to raid individuals and ISP's whom it believes to be exchanging free music.The fact is!,they don't want to lose this conduit and will go to great lengths to protect there own selfish and senseless agenda. To prove that they are worthwhile beneficiaries of this "vault of cash".Bottom line is.It harks back to childhood psychology,"you took my toy car,so i'm going to take yours plus five others.Childish behaviour that only the IFPI can be proud of.Oh!,and "overcharging" for the last three decades.

  24. Cambrasa

    I haven't noticed any difference

    I can still find plenty of sources of obscure files and emule can still detect 3 million users. I assume that the most prolific uploaders use the Kad network anyhow.

    Crippled? More like a minor inconvenience.

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