back to article Mobile TV to reach 120 million users by 2012: report

Mobile TV is expected to reach almost 120 million users by 2012 - a significant increase from the current 12 million. The broadcast services are expected to be available throughout 40 countries worldwide, with consumer spending on mobile TV predicted to top $6.6bn within the five-year period. According to a report from Juniper …


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  1. Neil Hoskins

    What a Waste of Bandwidth

    Instead of this, can I have the bandwidth used to give me hdtv on Freeview, please?

  2. Stephen

    Screw mobile tv, give us internet tv

    I'm sorry but why are we always looking for new places to put our tv shows when we still don't have any real online source. I want to be able to watch all my usual sky channels where i have a broadband connection, not on a poxy little phone.

  3. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

    Wishful thinking

    Oh, Juniper whatever just got a nice sum of money for producing a report which says what the govt and companies want to hear.

    I'm sure there were similar reports about Betamax, 3G and ID cards.

    I am yet to meet one person who is really using 3G (I mean not used once or twice as a novelty but regularly, in the normal course of their lives).

    Now, who in their right minds would want to watch TV on their mobile phone? If there was a real demand for watching TV on microscopic screens there would have been hand-held TV sets in every electronics store by now next to iPods, but they are a few and far between.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    cough cough... bullsh*t.. cough..

    Anybody else detected a hint of "WAP" hype?

    Its good to see the sceptic in everybody, cause whoever published this report really is talking crap, especially if they're suggest this will be in a western market place.

    Like Mobile-Web failed, so will this!

  5. Andy Tyzack


    what they should be saying is there will be 120 million handsets capable of recieving mobile tv,

    no one uses 3g, i bet there is the same amount of 3g phones out there, capable yes, used, um, lets seee, errr, NO

  6. Pete

    I'm sure by 2012...

    ... If you wanted to watch TV on your mobile, chipsets for receiving normal freeview will be small and efficient enough to integrate into a phone.

    Of course, this will probably never happen, because why then would we pay the networks for the privilege of receiving DVB-H broadcasts?

    And I would use 3G if the price for data wasn't the obscene price it is, £2/MB on O2.

  7. Richard Scott

    as someone who's got mobile TV

    I never use it - I've got the phone virgin where selling off, as it's a smart phone, radio and it's got a camera... it's also got mobile TV built in. I used it a few times, when it was shiny and new, but haven't turned it on for months, now.

    Mobile TV just isn't that usefull or user-friendly. Mobile Digital Radio, now, is another story !

  8. david mccormick

    Definetly Optimistic

    Say £35 a month for the contract, a fiver per clip then a £1 per mb to download. Andy is right. Somebody is dreaming.

  9. Morely Dotes

    Mobile TV? Oh, yes, and please shoot me in the face, too!

    My phone does what I need it to do - it makes phone calls, accepts phone calls, sends and accepts SMS text messages, takes very poor photos, and plays a tiny amount of music (think "ringtones" only I'm not paying some schmuck to make them for me; I make my own and transfer them with bluetooth at painfully-slow crawl).

    The phone has Internet capability. I have not only never used it, I'd remove it if I only knew how.

    Watching TV on my cell phone sounds about as much fun as being vigorously scrubbed with a cheese grater by a large Swedish gentleman.

  10. Gordon


    We've been here before... small tellies... very uncomfortable staring at a small telly... Oh, and dont forget the License... (bout time it was scrapped, but hey! what a money spinner!!). Then there is the subscription as well.

    No... they will plead, and plead that you need it, and there will be a few hoops to jump thru... and some will succumb like a mothe to a flame... then it will just fade away.. like last time.

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