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Two items arrived in our inbox today. In one, we're invited to tug our forelocks in awe at the World Wide Web this weekend. Scheduled for Saturday, OneWebDay is "a global day to celebrate online life" - and why not? We're invited to film our ritualistic songs of praise to network technology, which has permitted us to express …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is truly sick

    Theres nothing really more to say to this. Its sick and the "youths" should be hung by their left testicles!!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What an idiot

    Anthony Anderson - showing chavs everywhere how it's done.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ... so I am keenly looking forward to Mr Anthony Anderson and his friend in a 24-month long video, depicting their starring roles as convicted criminals at some suitably-grim jail, hundreds of miles from where the dead woman's relatives live (for their own safety), and with the 18R rating necessary to protect minors from the scenes where they bend over to pick up the soap in the showers...

  4. Ash


    To quote a popular computer game character "Bottom-dwelling, scum-sucking, algae eaters."

    Anyone heard of RedWatch? A supposed list of Communist sympathisers. I suggest someone makes ChavWatch, and in much the similar way post ther personal details for the general public to view.

    I'll mention this new site to a few of the less scrupulous doormen in the town centre.

  5. Dan


    I only hope she was completely oblivious to what is a pretty undignified end. I'd happily piss on him and post it on youtube.

  6. Alan Gregson

    Let the punishment fit the crime

    Without wishing to come over all daily mail, I hope this fuckwit's sentence involves the rest of the prison pissing on him.

  7. Smallbrainfield


    I heard about this yesterday. I would have thought most people, even drunk or stoned would have used their phone to call an ambulance.

    Perhaps the prison will let him keep his cameraphone, so he can film himself being beaten up by fellow inmates. He could post that on You Tube.

  8. Michael Sheils


    Sounds like another excuse to dress like a pirate and honour the Flying Spaghetti Monster to me, excellent.

  9. Michael Vasey


    Haven't felt this disgusted with the people of my old hometown in, oh, at least six months. What a wonderful place Hartlepool is.

  10. Jim Coleman


    I don't know whether I'm more surprised by this sickening display of inhumanity, or by the fact that it's still seen as surprising.

  11. censored

    Yes but...

    ...I've looked all over YouTube and I can't find it

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, terrible. But ...

    it got me thinking ...

    How many people do I see sprawled comatose in doorways on the average Friday night? And, if I go to see if these people need help, what are the chances I will receive an earful of abuse and/or a shirtful of puke?

    This woman suffered the kind of attack that is, sadly, quite commonplace if you're a tramp. There was not a shred of humanity in what Anthony Anderson and his pals did. But there would not be much more in what I would have done, which would be to walk straight past.

    Life would be a lot easier if pubs and off-licences started branding their best customers with signs saying: "pisshead - do not revive".

  13. Chris Taylor

    Re Hartlepool

    His forebears hung a monkey for being a "french spy" now they have evolved to take a splash on the dying.

    I personally don't like the idea of wishing a brutal bum raping on anyone, odd isn't it that for most folk it isn't actually the Gaol sentence that is punishment but the hope that something even more unpleasant will happen to you inside.

    Sadly these days the worst we can hope for is that he gets a really painful blister on the thumb he uses for the X-box and that hopefully 90% of the drugs smuggled into the Gaol smell a bit like poo.

  14. M Brown

    re:Yeah, terrible. But ...

    So you'd walk past someone comatose and not help? Don't you get on your soapbox the chav scum in mention. I bet that this woman was well dressed enough not to assume that she was a tramp so there's even less excuse for not helping her.

  15. big yinn

    Truely awful

    Let the public of hartlepool deal with the scum!

  16. big yinn


    What is wrong with people? Oh look a lady in distress, i know i'll use mobile to film her humiliation during her final moments!

    Let the people deal with them, scum!

  17. Mike Moyle

    Re: "This is truly sick "

    "...Its sick and the "youths" should be hung by their left testicles!!"

    And remember - after those fall off, they have rights, too.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'll bet she's glad she's gone

    Look at the kind of thing she left behind this is sick it's true it's also common. Making excuses for their behavior because they were fucked up just doesn't cut it I used to throw down with the best/worst of them and I wouldn't have done this or even thought of it. It's plain though putting them in jail is a waste of time tie them up and throw them in a cesspit.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    wouldn't most chavs' testicles be too small to find?

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shaving foam

    Were they carrying it around? If not, did they literally go, get some, and come back? GEEZ!

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    yes yes terrible

    but what about Andrews poke at user generated content which is why this story was written ignored because

    1. no one cares about his problem with worrying over his pay and all(sorry Andy join the club).

    2. The kicker in the story was too horrific you lack judgement here please try to understand disliking web 2.0 comes after the human revulsion to this despicable behavior way way after so far after in fact that it killed any point you may have had dead as the poor old lady. I would normally say you could spin just about anything almost any way you like but you managed to find the one situation in which thats not true.

  22. Justin

    Ode to the politically correct

    Thank you removing all discipline from schools.

    Thank you for giving us the Criminal Protection Service.

    Thank you for giving us judges that believe that several hundred offences is merely errant.

    Thank you for giving Trailer Trash Larvae a country of there own to thrive in.

  23. Anonymous

    Anthony Anderson, 27, who had been smoking spliff and drinking with a friend

    This is why marijuana users everywhere ought to be rounded up and killed.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: This is truly sick

    By Nick

    "Theres nothing really more to say to this. Its sick and the "youths" should be hung by their left testicles!!"

    But we''re not advocating filming that then, are we?

  25. Tricia Pulley


    I am aghast! Mortified! Perhaps the woman would have lived if they'd called an ambulance rather than torturing her! Well they have created the noose - let their government hang them with it. They have the video evidence provided by the perpetrators - now let it convict them. I hope to see an update indicating this.

  26. Chris Goodchild


    This is an example of why I live in Spain. Over here they only torment and Torture bulls to death every half hour on a Sunday afternoon in bullfighting season

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