back to article Doomwatchers sound Windows and IE vuln alarm

Security researchers are warning of a newly discovered vulnerability in Windows operating systems that makes applications susceptible to remote attack if they rely on widely used application programming interfaces. It is one of at least three PC-based security flaws to be published in four days. The vulnerability resides in two …


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  1. Mark Simon

    Third highest?

    "Secunia rates the vulnerability as "moderately critical," its third highest rating on a five-rung severity scale."

    Alternatively the vulnerability could have been rated as "moderately uncritical", its third lowest rating on a five-rung scale ...


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Exploitable sentence found in holy book

    People have found an ambiguous sentence structure in a holy book which, if presented in a certain way, could convince others to belive untruths. The books publishers were contacted but declined to comment. This is just the latest in a long running string of exploitable sentences found in a variety of holy texts, the most famous of which included Gender.Imbalance and GoodXCuse4War.


    Just a little analogy for you all to mull over =)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Much ado about nothing

    So a moderately uncritical security flaw and another flaw introduced by an Apple program hardly seems the stuff of legend. In fact QuickTime exploits seem all too common to me...

  4. Adrian Esdaile

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

    "A second flaw in Apple's QuickTime media player..." would seem to indicate an alternate heading should have been "Doomwatchers sound Apple and Quicktime vuln alarm"

    Ah, but we wouldn't want to upset the apple-cart would we? After all, the correct time to measure dawn is when S. Jobs arse becomes visible over the horizon!

    Yet again, MS cops the blame for vulns caused by sloppy third-parties. It gets harder to hate MS when there are so many doofuses who don't seem to be able to read a standard or code properly.

  5. David Hazzard

    Firefox headlines - DOH! IE headlines - WHOOO HOOO!

    This report details vulnerabilities in IE and that Microsoft officials are looking into these. Additionally it reports of a vunerability within Firefox that was reported a year ago!

    I know which browser I would prefer to use.

  6. Andrew

    @ David hazzard - Reread the article

    The exploit reported a year ago is in Quicktime, however Firefox was meant to prevent URI exploits like the FF exploit. On the bright side, at least Mozilla are trying (not very well, it appears) to do something about URI exploits, instead of pretending it is not their problem, like Microsoft. However perhaps they should put a little more thought into the fix next time. 3 patches in 3 months for effectively the same issue is not good.

  7. Mike

    And this is why. . .

    I won't let ANY Apple product run on a secure network. The Microsoft bugs pale in severity compared to the stuff Apple leaves in its product, and the difference is that Microsoft actually FIXES them. Apple buries them, then denies the problem exists.

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