back to article Brussels deploys Galileo rescue plan

The European Union (EU) central bureaucracy has today announced its plan to save Galileo, the troubled European sat nav project. Brussels officials believe that no additional taxpayer cash would be required on top of existing EU plans, saying that funds could be reassigned from other areas. According to AP, Transport …


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  1. Chris Goodchild

    I'll have two of those then

    2.4Bn€ That's less than the cost of three millenium domes. Hopefully it will be functional for a little longer though.

    Pretty cheap if you ask me!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chicken feed

    €2.2bn works out to less than €2 per economically freezing Chinese man, woman and child. That amounts to chicken feed.

    Heartfelt global warming all around.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How won´t miss what?

    The farmers in developing countries SURE will miss 1/10 of that amount...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'll have 5

    €2.4Bn only gets you 18% of the Olympic games

  5. Sampler

    €497m from MS

    Would be a useful way of spending the MS fine - infact if they go after them for the real things (such as why it costs more in pounds than it does in dollars to get a copy of their OS) then we could pretty much fund the whole thing on the back of MS 3:)

  6. Rick Brasche

    oh yes, the benefits of modern socialism

    Tax your people to buy your newest kit. Then charge your people a subscription rate to use that hardware. Don't forget to allow your government cronies free use of the system, and use increased taxes to support maintenance while using "maintenance and upgrades" as an excuse to continually increase rate fees.

    Of course, in true European style, you need to make a Galileo-based satnav device mandatory in all vehicles (punishable by jail time/fines/etc) and then use said device to monitor your citizenry and add extra taxes if they stray into areas that belong to the elite and Party members, and use it as a big stick to threaten to shut down commercial air, sea and road traffic simply by throwing the off switch. A few "accidental cock-ups" will demonstrate this well and keep those pesky peons in line.

    Where have I seen this all this Galileo boondoggle actually run by American cell-phone companies?

  7. Jim Cosser


    Can we give the 'unspent' money to the farmers currently getting robbed by our governments cock up with foot and mouth please?

  8. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    I'd rather use GPS...

    ...for anything that *I* (rather than the commission) regard as "strategic". It works. It's free. It's here to stay.

    Is "strategic" a EUphemism for "military"? Have these guys heard of a little outfit called NATO? Whose side are they on?

    The EU reckons it can pilfer a few billion for their political viagara and I won't notice. Well, thanks for the vote of confidence in my intelligence, guys. Sadly, your optimism is misplaced and I've noticed already. (Oh dear, I'm turning into one of those right wing Americans who reckons my own government is my greatest enemy.)

  9. amanfromMars Silver badge

    For the cost of two Jags... £100 million lost?

    "Can we give the 'unspent' money to the farmers currently getting robbed by our governments cock up with foot and mouth please?"


    Is it not the Labour party who are responsible for damages and loss of earnings caused by the foot and mouth cock-up as at least one of the incidents has been attributed to their failure, in Government, to provide £50,000 to repair defective drainage systems to a key laboratory.

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