back to article Jobs hits London to announce O2 iPhone deal

Apple has finally confirmed that O2 has won the exclusive rights to carry the iPhone over its UK network from next month. Steve Jobs made the announcement at its flagship UK store in London this morning. The firm added that the must-have handset will also be available from Carphone Warehouse, in addition to Apple and O2's own …


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  1. Bill Fresher

    Free wireless access

    You kids don't mention the free wireless access (at 7500 sites in the UK) in your article. What's that all about? Give me some more details. I love Apple (but only owning an aged iBook and a first gen shuffle that I found dropped in a gutter you might not think it) and I need to know.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wait 6 months!

    If you must have an iPhone wait 6 months for the 3G version (and 2009 for the 3.5G version!) and it'll probably also have 16GB of flash memory. You will regret being stuck in an 18 month contract with this old tech phone. No video recording, no MMS, fixed battery, only Apple format music, etc Pay £900 but it'll be a very expensive experience ;)

  3. Craig Peters

    Why buy the iPhone?

    People will buy it, but I am going to be honest with you here, with an 8GB touch costing £199 (£70 less than the phone) and with no 18 month contract required I would be surprised it would have much of an impact.

  4. andy

    Thanks Steve...

    "Steve Jobs claimed that 3G negatively affects the handset’s battery life and that an enabled model shouldn't be expected to appear until next year."

    |'m glad he mentioned that.. i'll wait until next year then thanks. More fool the people who jump on it now with an 18 month contract!

  5. Nick L

    £899 for an iPhone, or...

    I do hope o2 aren't pinning their future on this.

    Let's see, the minimum you can get an iphone for is a quid short of 900 of our British pounds. OK, you get 18 months call and data in that, but most of us already have enough of that, thanks.

    Or as an alternative:

    iPhone in the states: $399. Add the import duty if you import one, and that's £250 if you get caught for it and the parcelfarce £13 cartel fee.

    Activate it using the freely available tools. £0. Remove the sim lock - £0. Insert other SIM. Continue with service as normal.

    I know which route is more appealing to me.

    come on o2, where's the prepay option? The iPhone was supposed to be paid for by the consumer and not subsidised by the operator, so why the 18 month contract?

    And what about the T-Mobile SNAFU perss release of the 16GB iPhone with 3G support? I realise it is unthinkable to doubt Sir Steve of the Revisionist History, but I doubt battery is the real reason for 3G being missed - could it be that they need to shift units before the new 16GB machine comes out that the market wants?

    I would like an iPhone, but with this announcement I won't be bothering with a UK supplied one. Similarly, I am worried at apple's attempts to lock people out of using products as they (rather than apple) see fit. Perhaps Apple really is the next Microsoft? ;-)

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Existing O2 Customers?

    Will be interesting to see if O2 offer any sweeteners to existing customers with Pocket PCs and the likes....

    Probably not mind you...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Depends on the options

    I certainly cant - or wont - pay roughly 900 over 18 months.

    But if i can cancel the contract, flash the phone and plug in whatver SIM takes my fancy - thats quite a different story.

    Does anybody know if the contract can be cancelled? After how long time?

  8. Matthew

    Not bitter then?

    'Those privileged to be present'?

    Was somebody perhaps still a bit peeved about not being invited (again). Well done for hiding your disappointment behind professional journalistic integrity in at least three articles... ;-)

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Should sell well

    Irrespective of the merits (or lack of) of the iPhone, those people I know who work in mobile phone sales, reckon it's going to do very well....

    Shame there wasn't much anaylsis in the article... considering how many other news sites manage to cover this announcement earlier, it's a pity that El Reg hasn't added anything more.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's a phone that plays music. £269? Hmmm...

  11. Paul Charters

    Poor phone on a poor network

    I would have thought the iPhone has had it's chance and failed miserably.

    It's a perfect marriage anyway - the most outdated, biggest rip-off, slow technology network with an outdated, biggest-rip-off, slow technology mobile phone.

    I really wouldn't want to have shares in doesn't seem to have a long lifespan ahead..

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Think i will give it a miss.....

    Personally, I would rather put up with slightly less battery life but have the 3G capability. 18 month contract should do well making Apple plenty of money if the batteries die in that time, it would be nice if one day they offered removable batteries and not be a total pain in the ass.

    Roll on the release of the Sony Ericsson W960i 8GB, no 3G support has just swayed my buying decision.

  13. gautam

    One Word

    MUGSFEST ! Well done Jobs. Britons are used to Ripoff Britain, so why not ?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No 3G?


  15. V.B.N.


    £269+monthly contract fee for a mobile phone!!!!

    not a chance!

    And what a tariff...200min/200text/18mths for £35!!!!

    Having dropped the NGNs. thereby losing a lot of its followers, I hope O2 now lose further credibility. What a rip off!

    I suppose people will still purchase it though!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One day, maybe

    Now looky here. I am a huge Apple fan and have switched myself and family over the Macs and iPods, but we won't be buying any iPhones.

    Yes, it has a nice interface, and yeah it looks lovely, but it's too expensive. I use a mobile phone, and have one of these pay-as-you-go contracts, currently I spend about £10 a year on top ups. No way I'm trading that in for £420 a year plus £269 up front.

    So long Steve, see you again one day.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Battery life my A*se

    Does anyone else wonder how adversley the battery life could be affected given that the nokia N95 has an acceptable battery life with 3G and a GPS chip in it as well ?!?

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Get a regular phone and an iPod touch 16gb

    Why the holy jesus would anyone even consider this rip off deal now?

    You can get a 3g 5 megapixel GPS enabled Nokia N95, on a 18 month O2 contract with 500 minutes and 1000 texts for £30 a month, for free.

    For the extra I would be paying O2 I would save £60 a year and get an iPod Touch 16gb, and have a superior device and a better phone!

    Apple is on cloud coocoo land if it thinks this is going to sell new that the iPod touch is out.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It took WOE2 six months to enable GPRS on my account a couple of years ago. I'm never going to switch to them.

    I'm quite happy on my 18-month contract with Vodafone which handily ends in November - just in time for me to... get an upgrade from Vodafone and ignore WOE2 again.

    I might just nip over to the US, buy an iPhone for £70 less and unlock it. Or I'll just get an iPod touch with twice the storage space. I'm sure a good few people will do this, too.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No, I wont change network...

    I'd be interested in the phone without the contract, and then unlocking it, but I'd never switch to O2 just for an iPhone, not unless Orange *completely* loose the plot real-soon-now. I guess I'll keep my Blackberry and buy an iPod Touch : )

    The fact that everyone *knows* how much apple are pulling in, and it certainly *seems* like a hell of a premium makes Apple look greedy. And that might just be because they are (I wonder how much it cost them to develop?)

  21. Hywel Thomas


    I won't be buying, A fanboi I may be, but that kind of money would pay for my PAYG mobile top ups for about 10 years.

    I'm not going to buy a luxury phone just because Apple makes one.

    This is no criticism of the device or of Apple. I don't think it's deficient or expensive compared to its competition. I just happen not to want it or any of its competition.

  22. Andrew Fenton

    Complete rip-off

    So that's 279, then 35*18, for a total of over 900 quid.

    For that you could get yourself a Nokia N95 on a 12month Flext35 contract, with double the included minutes, and unlimited 1.4mbit 3.5G.

    What's more, you'd still have enough left to buy an 8GB Ipod Nano. And an entire PC.

  23. Stu

    Total cost to consumer

    Whoa, whoa, whoa there nelly.

    £269 for the handset (8Gb)


    £35 * 18mths = £630 (cheapest tariff)


    £899 all in, over 18 months?

    Screw that! Screw Apple and O2 for that bombshell.

    Now lets look at my current handset - MDA Vario II (HSDPA 3G + Wifi + Bluetooth + etc + etc, plus I can also get YouTube via a small hack, so I'm missing iTunes, whoop).

    £95 Handset (at time of purchase)


    £15 * 12mths = £180 (cheapest tariff too)


    £275 all in, over 12 months, & I can change sooner.


  24. Hedley Phillips


    iBored of all the iPhone stories.

  25. Taomyn

    HA HA

    So Apple's failure with the jPhone in Europe has begun with O2!!! LOL They have absolutely no idea how the phone market works over here, only how to fleece money out of unsuspecting customers, and O2 agreeing to the madness that Apple demands just shows how desperate O2 are to get the business, which I predict will be abysmal.

    No 3G

    No MMS

    No video

    18 month contract at extortionate rates with, imho, the worst provider

    No thanks, go home're not welcome.

  26. Chris Morrison

    Did anyone see the guy on the News

    Anyone see the guy on the lunchtime news about the iPhone? I think he was from stuff magazine or something. Possibly the biggest fanboy I have ever seen, bought the 3G story hook line and sinker and went on to say how revolutionary the iPhone was compared to what else is out there.

    ...can I have an N95 please! I'd even take it if it was the same price as the iPhone.


  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Best of a bad bunch of options

    Let's face it: 3G *is* a battery hog. You turn off WCDMA, and Eureka: your battery life doubles, your call quality and coverage improves, and you stop dropping calls. I get 3 hours of data on my HSDPA (3.5G) enabled HTC TyTN - and the thing about mobile data is that if the interface and services are compelling, you actually feel like using it. So I'm with Steve on that one.

    On the flip side, 2G is slow(*). I've frequently chugged along at 4-5kbps - and lag isn't good either. WRT 2.75G (EDGE), I've experienced it while roaming a couple of times, and it's been OK - but not overwhelming. ISTR that some operators have streamed video over it, nonetheless.

    However - one thing I would expect Apple or O2 to do is to enforce a proxy server for page/data compression. They're not charging for the data anyway, so there's no gain from leaving the data uncompressed; on the flipside, if they achieve 90% compression, they increase speed or network capacity by the same amount. Since 90% of the use will be on the embedded apps anyway, then by compressing data to these they'll massively reduce the air interface traffic and no-one will really mind.

    And of course, if you sit down to really use your phone, chances are you might be in a WiFi Hotspot area or an O2 microcell, in which case you'll get decent data rates anyway.

    (* Hell - 3G is slow: it always took my Nokia E61 a good few seconds of lag before it could ramp up the data rate after each page request from my web browser, and the sustained data rate wasn't amazing either. HSDPA is where it's at.)

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ah yes, but..

    .. all you lot seem to be forgetting about all those numpties who roam around the place desperate to show off all their latest toys and measure each others successes in "bling". they would probably gladly waste double the money just because some 'fashion magazine' will deem this waste of a 'phone' a 'must-have item'.

    i am of course not refering to chavs, but rather the 'ra'-crowd and the 'city-boys'.

    hows steve j. makes his money: never underestimate the power of stupidity in masses.


  29. Cris Page

    Jobs - Another American Rip Off Artist

    So the cost is high because "its expensive to do business here with shipping and servicing" (according to an interview on BBC Radio earlier today, hmm I note he didnt mention the very favourable (for Apple) exchange rate. Even my resident Mac fanboi agrees this is an overpriced under-resourced joke and he WONT be buying into it.

    Whatever respect I had for Apple went out of the window today.. Jobs is no better than Gates... another American Rip Off artist!

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have ye taken the Apple shilling?

    After many-an-article bashing other news outlets for their Apple worship, it was a tad disappointing to see $536 described as 'slightly more than' £399 in this article. (the price of the 8GB in the UK compared with the US)

    Worse still, £269 is currently worth $542.25 according to Google and their spangly currency conversion search syntax thingy.

  31. Andy Tyzack

    people need to get a grip

    people fail to realise the following points:

    1) people are THINK and will pay over the odds

    2) People see the words 5megapixel and think its the dogs bollox, the n95 has in no way "an ok battery life" since its the worst nokia product ever and gets slagged off to high heaven.

    3) Anyone who thinks the iphone wont go far, needs to get a grip

    4) Most people who have a 3g phone dont even use the capability FACT

    5) who has ever changed the battery in their mobile phone, the fact the the iphone has a non removeable one, who cares, GET A GRIP

    6) Steve Jobs is 100% correct when he says that 3g impacts on the battery life, in fact making a phone call will deplete the battery life, as will sending an sms, i fail to see the logic in the guys statement.

    I will laugh my tits off at the people who import one of these on the premise of unlocking it, then apple plugging the security holes and their phone is locked once again to only accepting an at&t sim card

    the following goes to Ben Knudsen who obvioulsly knows nothing about mobile phone contracts, you cant simply cancel a phone contract because you feel like it, you'll be buying yourself out the contract or cancelling it on month 17.

    People are moaning and complaining about the iPhone, something which they have neither seen or used, so unless you have SHUT THE HELL UP

  32. Kenneth Ross

    It's O2's successor to the XDA Exec I'm waiting for!

    I'm much more interested in finding out when we'll see a successor to the XDA Exec. (HTC Omni). Mine isn't going to last much longer.

  33. simon prentagast

    no thanks

    As much as i love Apple's products - and as much as i'm itching to play with the iPhone/iPod Touch interface - i'm not stumping up £35/month for a measly 200 minutes and 200 texts. I'm already an o2 customer and get more minutes and texts a month whilst paying fifteen quid *less* than that...

    Oh, and the whole ringtone malarky is just ridiculous. I can get just about any other phone and set any old mp3, wav, aac (etc) file as the ringtone. I'm happy to look like a berk when Benny Hill's theme tune starts up in my pocket, but i'm not *paying* to look like one...

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where's the value?

    I'm not sure how O2 can justify locking you into an 18 month contract with this. My (and our legal department's) understanding of the regulations on contract lock in is that you have to show the additional value 'given' to the customer. This could be in the form of a free (i.e. subsidised) handset (or wifi mode/router if you're an ISP, free Sky box, etc.); or better value (i.e. cheaper) services than an equivalent rolling 1 month deal.

    I see neither here. Unless O2's current contracts are appalling deals, 200 mins, 200 SMS and a dodgy 'free' wifi bundle do not seem to offer significant additional value over their regular contracts.

    On the other hand, if O2 really are handing over 40% of their revenue, no wonder they've set the MRC so high. Jeez, they've been suckered!

    Plus, Apple are going to be pretty upset when they launch 3G handsets (who still believes 3G ruins you're battery life -- these aren't first gen chips you know), and they find out how littel O2 have invested in their network. The early adopters will be glad they've got EDGE!

    5 year exclusivity. Oh dear. I don't think either party is going to be happy with this...

  35. Joel

    The cost is £269....

    If a new model comes out next year, you can simply buy the upgraded model and stick it on your existing contract....

    From the point of view of already having a contract phone, these tariffs are likely to save me money, rather than costing me more. I've purposely let my contract with Orange run out, so there will be no problem switching networks. I already have a 3G phone, so if I desperately need 3G speed (assuming I am somewhere remote enough not to have Wifi, but somehow having 3G service), then can I just swap the SIM into my old phone?

    At the moment, I find that my Edge SE W810i is generally faster than the 3G Nokia, as the 3G tends to drop down to normal GPRS. The difference between 3G and Edge perceptually is not too bad. The difference between Edge and GPRS is a killer!

    For me, one of the best features of the tariff is the tie up with the Cloud. I've never been able to really justify a roaming Wifi contract - having it bundled in is very much a bonus. Will it allow me to connect using my laptop as well?

    The critical issue is what the definition of "unlimited" data is, and what is "fair use". Bearing in mind the uses they are trying to push with it, my guess is that it should be quite a decent amount.

  36. Sean Aaron

    I like the idea, but...

    There's no way I'm paying for a £35/mo mobile contract of any length; I like my £15/mo contract with 3 and a £2 10MB data download rider which is plenty to get the odd Yahoo! mail on the go, not to mention the free handset upgrade.

    Maybe when my present 18mo. contract is up in 2009 the iPhone will be offered more widely and with better contract terms, but even then I'd be buying it for the UI and ease of sync; not for the "combined widget factor" -- I just cannot see spending hours of my life uploading hundreds of CDs to my computer just to upload some of them periodically to a portable music player when I've already dubbed them to MD.

  37. chris

    yeah it may be expensive

    but its soo pretty :D

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Battery life my A*se

    "the nokia N95 has an acceptable battery life with 3G"

    Have you ever used one? If you have, it wasn't for very long, I'll guess.

  39. Dan

    £35 a month?

    But 200 minutes and 200 texts usually cost £25 a month on O2.........

    Seems like the end user is paying the 40% revenue that goes to Apple.

  40. MrWeeble

    How Much!?!?!?!

    The way I see it, looking at phones on o2's other £35/month 18 month contracts, you can get a phone that would set you back for £350 as a sim-free phone for free. (Motorola RIZR Z8 is what I'm using for my example)

    On the same monthly spend contract, the iPhone costs £269 more than free.

    £269 more than a £350 phone give this phone a theoretical value of over SIX HUNDRED POUNDS!!!

    And that's for a 2.5g, network locked phone that you can not install any applications on?

    Is it April 1st already?

  41. Wonderkid

    Apple have blown it

    Yes, they will sell a few, but this is not only what they should have done, but why: a) Gone with Vodafone b) Included HSDPA that from my experience with Vodafone's excellent mobile data card, is a far more practical alternative to WiFi and EDGE. c) Included at least 16G of memory to satisfy the UK consumer who is far more into their music than anything else. Not to mention fact that in 3 months, never mind 18, 8G will be used up with videodownloads and photos. This is a case of Apple being too greedy and only O2 accepting the terms of their agreement. Despite being a fan of some of Apple's offerings, I personally believe the new LG Viewty and Samsung F700 to offer more versatile and future proof connectivity options. Very sad. (This is no knock on O2 and while I am a Vodafone subscriber, I have no interest in them.)

  42. mixbsd

    "must-have handset"

    I read that as "must-have mindset" the first time around.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Suspect maths

    I note most of the people totalling up the "price" of the iPhone seem to assume that your calls, SMSs and data are all magically free for the provider if you have an iPhone, and that the £35+ a month you pay to the network is just pure solid profit?

    Nope. I have a Sony Ericsson phone which is fine, and I use it quite a lot, and I pay about £40 a month for my contract (because I use lots of minutes and SMSs). The phone cost me £50 and it's an 18 month contract. And yet no-one in their right mind would go around claiming that their W810i cost them £770.

    As for the people saying "I won't buy this, I spend £10 a year on PAYG", well, frankly, this is a phone for people who already spend a lot on phones/calls/etc... I don't think Apple believe for one second someone who spends £10 a year will rush out and buy this phone and neither do O2.

  44. Richard

    Data tariff too expensive

    O2 missed a big opportunity to get people locked in to using the iPhone on their network, they should have had low tariffs for the unlimited data element; £15/month for data for 18 months with bolt-ons for pre-paid text and voice minutes. I'm not interested in making phone calls but I do want data on the move (not bothered too much about speed its signal availability that counts and O2 has always proved the best for me ... YMMV). Still I suspect a significant number will buy it to make the numbers Apple are looking for.

    The new "3 Mobile Broadband" usb dongle looks slightly better value and it works on Macs - still milking the customer for the bandwidth though ... if only the telcoms had not paid such huge prices for the 3G licences back when, then things would probably look much better for the customer ... thank you "the free market" (my backside).

    However, even better is the £5.87 for 500 minutes a month on the BT Openzone wifi subscription [BT customers only] (roams with The Cloud, T-Mobile etc) and combined with an iTouch you would get fairly good mobile working coverage.

    So for me, its probably no iPhone this year but instead either an iTouch and BT Openzone (which I have used for a couple of years with various devices) or if I don't like the iTouch/Phone style interface then I'll grab a Nokia N800 or N770 off ebay and use that instead.

    I want to play with an iTouchyPhone though before finally deciding though as you should not diss something unless you have actually used it !!

  45. Clive Grace

    Steve's Reality Distortion Field is not what it used to be.

    Just got back. El Reg you missed nothing. Blagged a place and wished I missed the gig.

    Glad to see assorted UK hacks were a bit more restrained and cynical that the majority of the US media buffoons. Still unsure about this applauding thing... I don't like this trend. When did we start doing such things? It was a pretty poor set of announcements so why applaud other then to tell them we have had enough information now please go away.

    O2's presence was pretty much to be expected. Everyone nicely iTamed and iTethered. Alas we've seen it all before with Apple and Steve's many business "partners" over the years (hey anyone still remember Carly Fiorina @ HP The Purple iPod Shaftee?). I reckon Starbuck's CEO could be a formidable shafter though...

    Oh, and one more thing: I'd really like it if at one of these shindigs when Steve says "And we've a great new advert for [product], we'd like to show it to you... would you like to see it?" The amassed UK hacks would just say "no, its okay just punt us at the YouTube URL later and answer a few more questions without sidestepping them..."

    Its weird coming away from an Apple even without the cold shower to wash off the iHalo. Times have changed.

  46. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Why is it a rip off?

    Unlimited data transfers and free UK wide wifi access at 7,500 sites?

    Sure it's not 3G, Wifi is better than 3G anyway and in a city you'll get Wifi pretty easy.

  47. Robin Weston

    Economics 101

    I remember an economics lesson many years ago about Scotch Whiskey in Japan - used to be very heavily taxed and cost a packet. The Scots lobbied to get the tax cut, and succeeded. Then sales slumped because there wasn't the "money to burn" cachet to be had from drinking a fine single malt. has someone told o2 and Apple about this? Go on - own up!!

    Does anyone know what warranty it will be offered with - only once before I got stung by a phone going faulty in month 13 and had to fight almost until month 18 to get it sorted out.

    Mind you having had "bleeding edge" handsets before has taught me a valuable lesson - don't bother, wait a while for rev2 or 3, it'll cost less, do more, and probably be more reliable.

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jobs' 3G video comment in Regent Store

    Just like being there (if you were invited).

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I work for Vodafone, I get hassle all the time about this price plan being better than the other and how its not competitive etc etc and yet some nut jobs (like what I did there?) will actually pay £35 p/m for 200 mins and 200 txts. If I told one of my customers thats all they could have for that price they would laugh and then leave. Get a grip o2, the iPhone isnt worth you giving away 40 per cent of your profits. I dont like the n95 but Id rather have that than this. My girlfriend really wanted one, now she is thinking twice. I reckon apple fans might like this, but they're often the idiots with more money than sense so I suppose that fits.

  50. Jim


    With the greatest respect... hang on, bugger that... with no respect at all to the poster who claims to be spending only £10 per year on top ups: even if you're only being charged 10p per min for all calls, that's only 100 min per year. You aren't the typical user.

    And frankly, we're talking about a company that charges 50 quid for an mp3 player with no screen. I don't think Jobs is after your shilling.

  51. Sampler

    £270 fo a phone that doesn't do as much as my 2 year old HTC?

    Which was free at the time on a cheaper contract? I have gprs/edge browsing and due to the windows mobile 5 touch screen interface I can do most of the features the iphone can - expect I can easily sync my mail and contacts with outlook and install third party programmes (which are actually encourage) - i do admittedly only have 2gb of storage as I didn't feel the need to get an 8gb SD card but it is possible.

    Hell combined with the new version (orange call it an M700) you get the same small sleeky design, same stable OS AND the much vaunted 3G mentioned above - oh and GPS - still free with an 18 month contract with better minutes/texts. Other suppliers do it too so you don't have to go with orange either (who I personally don't like as much as my old vodafone).

    Though I bet it will still sell in droves - bloody chavs/mindless marketed plebs.

  52. Chris

    OK enough 02 bashing already

    Hey what's with the O2 bashing here? I've just moved to O2 from the so called great Vodafone after being with them for years. Have you guys on Voda not realised yet over the last 12 months Voda have changed all their T's&C's and you have to pay through the nose for everything now. NO longer can you use picture or video messaging out of your free text allowance. No longer can you use Vodafone Live for free and if you want to send an MMS you pay the most in the market!

    Whereas O2 is now the ONLY provider where your picture\video messaging is used from your free allowance and even video calling is free till next January. So yeah big up yourselves you people on Voda you're certainly paying for it especially when their online billing has been down for the last month and still not fixed, yay Voda...

    Oh yeah I pay £15/month for 200 min and 400 texts beat that Voda, oh you couldn't, that's why I moved........morons

  53. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wake up...

    If you are absolutely stupid enough to buy one of these then don't come crying back on here later on!

    Apple = greedy beeky chastards

    People who buy one on these ridiculous contracts = stupid. Give the money to charity instead.

    Well done Steve Jobs, you have just ensured another person NEVER buys one of your over hyped pieces of shite.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No fanboys

    No Apple fanboys going to even *try* to defend the crazy price for the JesusPhone? Just about says it all ...

  55. Alex McKenna

    Aren't they all SCARED !?

    I detect a lot of irrational arguments against the iPhone.

    Stuff about childish ringtones, daft software and the Edge thing, which is a lot faster than having no portable web at all.

    Obviously it is upsetting entrenched people in the business, who are rightly concerned about the impact the thing will have. If silly old sods like me, who have avoided smart phones till now, and only listen to 78s, are serious about getting one, then the sky is the limit.

    Adding the cost of the O2 contract is anti-phone propaganda. Every phone, internet connection or landline costs money to run, silly.

    I will use the iPhone more to replace my current Vodaphone, and maybe phase out my BT landline and/or Virgin cable internet. This might save a few bob! Also I have a feeling it will be handy for writing notes for my magazine features and stuff when I'm away from the office.

    Probably won't use the music and video at all. Unless iTunes suddenly starts selling 1920s dance bands...

  56. ad47uk

    not for me

    To be honest unless you are in business or just like showing off then a phone like the Iphone is not really needed. I find it difficult to see most mobile phone screens in daylight anyway, so having a phone where even the keys are on screen is not ideal.

    I have a 18 month old Samsung and to be honest it makes and receives calls and that is all I want, yes so it have a Camera and a MP3 player built in, but they are never used.

    I like Apple Macs, but I have never rated the Ipod that high and to be honest this Iphone is just another high priced gimmick, with more things to go wrong, including a battery that can not be removed.

    People who buy one of these phones, either have plenty of money or is totle nut case and being stuck on a 18 month contract is stupid, 12 months is too long if things are not going right.

    Just to make it clear, I am on the O2 network and I think the service is good, but surly Apple could have found a better supplier than Crapphone whorehouse.

  57. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Steve claims 3G is a battery drain"

    Isn't it?

    Heck, I'm trying to find a way to turn 3G OFF on my device so I can get some respectable talk/idle time out of it. (Had to turn off Bluetooth after I discovered it was not handled well either, and ends up being too draining.)

    Seems to depend a lot on the device, though. I'd like to hope Apple is trying to figure out the best ways to keep it from being power-consuming in general, rather than just waiting for new chipsets. Some phones (like mine) can get rocked simply from auto-switching networks as I go down the highway, and some seem to shrug that off as inconsequential.

  58. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    40% markup?!

    Am I missing something...?

    "279 pounds in dollars" on google gives me $558.4464. Which is a 40% markup on $399 the current price of the iPhone over the pond.

    40% is more than insurance for exchange rate fluctations. An Apple fan-boy I might be; but I'm not a mug. Why must we Brits be constantly ripped off for technology?

    What gives?

  59. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tired of the disparaging "but it looks nice/pretty" comments

    I think the one thing that is pissing me off most about all you jerks posting these disparaging "but it'll sell because it looks nice/pretty" comments is that you write it as though the iPhone is the first ever mobile to have been sold on this basis. Wake up you fucking morons... 99.9999999% of all mobiles for the past 10 years have been advertised purely on the basis of how they look with nary a mention of how the chuffing things work. You can't even test drive 99.9999999% of mobiles before you buy one and guess what, the vast majority of them are fucking awful to use as a result.

    Can we at least stick to criticising phones on the basis of their features and how well they actually function doing what they are meant to be designed to do, rather than how they damn well look?

  60. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder...

    ... how many of the above posters have even used or seen an iPhone? They are truly lovely things and if folk want to have the set of compromises it imposes (and every mobile I've ever had is littered with compromise- the Nokia N80's battery could hardly last a day!) then more power to them.

    I have used the iPhone for some weeks... it is a remarkable product. Why be so partisan about it? I don't understand...

  61. Jason Clery

    7500 wireless areas

    The release said "could" access 7500 wireless. Just as my laptop "could" access them too with WiFi. You still have to pay !

  62. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So much money for so little

    Stop this mis-information!

    1. Most modern Smartphones have 3.5G - yes SUPER 3G. This kills EDGE dead!

    2. Most modern Smartphones (e.g. Nokia N95) are CHEAPER than the iPhone over 18 months

    3. The iPhone does NOT have basic media capabilties:

    - quality camera

    - quality video recording

    - can only play Apple's AAC format

    - no Blue Tooth 2 and A2DP (you can't use BT wireless headphones)

    4. O2 has ONLY 30% EDGE coverage and generally poor 3G coverage and we have no idead when they will have Super 3G

    5. Super 3G is as cheap as £10 per month on '3'

  63. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is another good example of those signing up on day 1 getting burned.

    One the hype has subsided and all the "diehard" more money than brains fanboys have their iphones how are O2 gonna shift more units?

    You can reasonably predict that some time next year O2 will be forced to offer 12 month contracts and more than 3 price plans. Who knows even PAYG?

    Those that are smart enough to wait (and still actually want an iPhone) will benefit.

  64. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I would actually quite like to have the £35pm unlimited data, 200 call mins and 200 text message package................................but not on an iPhone - i'm thinking about my N95 and on 12 month contract.

  65. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Osborne effect happens again

    "Steve Jobs claimed that 3G negatively affects the handset’s battery life and that an enabled model shouldn't be expected to appear until next year."

    Way to go, Steve. I think half a million people will hold off getting the iPhone now.

    Not that I want to get one anyway. My TyTN may have been dethroned by the TyTN II, but I still love it to pieces for what I can do with it.

  66. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    missing the point

    They will sell loads of these. Its not the spec or the tarriff that appeals to the 99.99% of the population that are not El Reg readers - its the fact that this phone is just cool. Why did all the girls have those pink RAZRs? This is the phone to be seen with. Lets see how many they sell in the next 6 months.

  67. Richard Wallace

    Apple and O2, No thanks, not now!!

    Well, I'd have to agree with another comment, Apple do seem to be the next Microsoft, worse in fact. Microsoft would just be happy with the sales.

    O2, well, useless network, lots of dropouts and they tried to charge me for data use which I never used...

    I think O2 will eventually show up as a let down to Apple's iPhone.

    I'd like an iPhone, but I think I'll wait for the next generation, as whilst it looks good, it's still lacks some basic features like 3G, MMS etc.

  68. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Battery time

    Just on the battery time - so what if N series batteries don't last more than a day? Isn't that what a charger is for?

  69. Matthew


    Why would anyone buy this when you could get a nice Sony Ericsson k800i with 3.2mp camera, integration with outlook, mobile optomised browser, 3g etc, AS WELL as an Ipod nano and still have money left over... No thanks apple..

  70. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    O2 gee thanks

    well i saved my pennies and like a child before Christmas eagerly awaited the arrival of the iphone in the uk. sadly i wont be switching, both where i live in the city centre and where i work in the city centre of Cambridge O2 probably has the worst signal (after Tmobile obviously). As nice as it is and as much as i want one i do feel that i cannot justify buying a phone and tying into a contract that i cant actually use to send or receive calls. boohoo

  71. Cathal Gantly

    Why can't I...

    Just buy a sim free iPhone for £269?

    I like the phone, and it while it would be "nice" to have one, it isn't "essential" to me. I am on the market to change my phone, but as a PAYG user who long since abondoned contracts, the contract portion doesn't make sense for me.

    I can get either a Sony Ericsson K800i or Nokia 6300 for £99.00, I have an iPod, and a Sony PSP at £125 plays video fairly well... choices.

    When I bought an iPod, I wasn't obliged to open an iTunes account.

  72. Andy McMullin

    Chocolate teapot

    According to Apple's support site, the iPhone needs either an EDGE connection or WiFi for internet or mail access. No WiFi or EDGE, no e-mail or web.

    Even with a deal with "the cloud" their nearest public WiFi to me is 12 miles away.

    Guess what, O2 won't tell anyone if there is any EDGE coverage, let alone where it is. The only reason I can think of is that they don't cover much of the country. So buy an iPhone and get no mail or internet?

    Sounds as useful as a chocolate teapot. Of course, it's a very pretty teapot!

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