back to article Samsung, Toshiba join SanDisk in US antitrust probe

The US Justice Department is busy handing out more RSVPs to NAND flash memory makers, cordially inviting them to a new market-wide price fixing investigation. On Friday, SanDisk revealed the company and its CEO, Eli Harari, received a grand jury subpoena from federal district court in regard to possible antitrust violations. …


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  1. Gordon

    Training on business practices??

    Don't know about Samsung, but HP have plenty of required training on acceptable/ethical business practices and we all know how that ended...

  2. John Kirkham

    Had to happen...

    For the last 20 years NAND has been dropping in incredible increments. Now, it's stabilised with the conusmer market for SSD opening up last year big time. I became very sus' about the pricing a few months back for the SATA SSD @ 16/32 GB size range.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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