back to article Intel 'Nehalem' design completed, boots Mac OS X

Intel has booted Apple's Mac OS X operating system on its next-generation 45nm microarchitecture, 'Nehalem', the chip giant's CEO, Paul Otellini, mentioned at IDF this morning. Nehalem is due to debut next year, around 12 months after the first 45nm Core 2 chips, based on the 'Penryn' architecture, arrive. Penryn's the focus …


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  1. voshkin


    This is so annoying. I must stop reading hardware reviews.

    - I was just about to build a new computer, now, I have to wait for this CPU...


  2. Register Reader


    waiting over a year to build your new computer? By which time they'll be talking about 16 core parts, etc etc. Just do it now.. or at least only wait until November for that other processor that they mentioned

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