back to article Google punts ads on the move

Google has expanded its AdWord product to mobiles, allowing creators of mobile content to embed Google advertisements into their pages and receive revenue on click-throughs. But advertisers expecting a desktop browser may be disappointed when their beautiful landing page is rendered on a two inch screen. Advertisers pay for …


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  1. Paul Fleetwood

    who wants to see mobile ads?

    Maybe it's just because I only get a limited number of GPRS Mb bundled with my contract, but when I'm using my phone to get information, the last thing I need is adverts of any kind.

    They are a waste of bandwidth, and trying to persuade me whilst I'm on the move, to waste my time looking at a plug for a product is just a waste of everybody's effort.

  2. Lexx Greatrex

    I question if it is Google who has a lot to learn or the author?

    The outcomes from queries made on mobile devices will determine the content, not the other way around. To use the author's example, pub advertisers will quickly realise that having a signup page as their touchdown is a stupid idea in the context of their business, when they can gain more revenue from directing people to their doorstep using the mobile platform than from any gimmicky sign-up crapola. I use my phone regularly for searching out addresses using the Google Maps mobile application. It is incredibly handy to have that function accessible from the palm of your hand. The next generation of adverts when they roll out on Google maps will not only be tolerated by mobile users it will be demanded. Cheers!

  3. hugo tyson

    ITYM ....

    "All your mobile are belong to ads"

  4. Mark Broadhurst

    If they can do it when dial up existed...

    This is just an extension of about 12-15 years ago when people had to pay per minute on dial-up they still served ad's then.

    My question is that do you have to op-in to having your ads on a mobile because theres not a lot of sites which are "mobile safe".

  5. Dave

    Will it ever stop

    How will they separate the garbage data (ads) from the data I'm trying to access? I get billed for the data transfer, and the site gets the money from the ad site? What kind of crap is this?

    I guess I won't be getting a data package anytime soon now. I'm NOT paying to watch commercials on my goddamn phone.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    so glad I binned my mobile

    This is the stupidest idea they have come up with yet, apart from the shit-ware google desktop crap.

  7. James

    Opt outs

    When will the powers that be legislate to allow users to opt out of advertising - especially when we are paying per bytes for connections on mobile devices?

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