back to article Yahoo! Agrees! To! Acquire! Talking! Heads! Song!

Yahoo! is to pay roughly $350m for Zimbra, a San Mateo, California company that specializes in open-source email and collaboration software. It looks like Yahoo! plans to use Zimbra's new-age Exchange competitor to "expand its presence" in universities, businesses, and ISPs. "Zimbra's tremendous talent and innovative …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yahoo! Crapmail!

    So this means that 6 months after acquiring Zimbra, they'll go dumb and rebrand it into Yahoo! Enterprise Mail or something as stupid as that and screw up the product.

    Bah. And a decent product that is, unlike Konfabulator which looks nice but isn't that good though.

  2. Hugh Winkler

    Georgia Tech is not a university

    It's Georgia Institute of Technology, actually.

  3. Leon Markham

    i Zimba

    wasn't the Talking Heads song called I Zimba? Without the R?

  4. Nick Palmer


    "But unlike Exchange, the AJAX-based suite serves things up to ordinary web browsers."

    Like Exchange's Outlook Web Access does, you mean?

  5. Mark Richards

    I Zimbra

    "wasn't the Talking Heads song called I Zimba? Without the R?"


  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yahoo's! Back!

    Don't! Ever! Stop! Doing! This! =D

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Errr....

    OWA is very cludgy to use. I've never used Zimbra, but it'd better be easier to use, seeing as OWA is an afterthought for Microsoft.

  8. Leon Markham


    Well well well - I went and checked my CD collection and I was wrong all along. Thanks Reg and thanks Mark Richards for helping me know more about my own CD collection.

  9. John Browne


    When I saw the headline I assumed it would be "Road to Nowhere".

This topic is closed for new posts.

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