back to article Unsung software developers behind rise in online fraud

One weekend in June, a little-known Trojan downloader made a major debut on the international malware stage after it managed to burrow its way into more than 10,000 websites in just 72 hours. Infected sites - including one connected to rock musician Bon Jovi and another that raises money for charity work of the late Mother …


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  1. Jason


    "Meanwhile, vulnerabilities in Apple's Safari browser sky-rocketed to 25"

    Does this further ram home the point that Apple software is only secure because it is not popular, and now it's getting popular, people are attacking it?

    *grabs asbestos coat*

  2. Jason Scrutton



    No it doesn't...



  3. Scott

    Popularity and security

    Although the point is a good one... Norton antivirus is probably one of the worst security products simply because it is one of the most popular. Windows is attacked because it is so popular so the trend may fit to the iPhone. Just an observation...

  4. Curtis W. Rendon

    @Popularity and security

    MS Windows is attacked because it is so vulnerable. From failure to install an access security model, to forcing users to run as administrator, to not comprehending basic safe practices in privilege elevation, to allowing code execution from data regions of programs, to allowing any old piece of any old file to be executable, MS Windows is inherently unsafe.

    The *nix systems come from a realm whereby it is assumed that they are under attack from outside and inside, and build in security accordingly.

    It is certainly possible to do a lot of silly and stupid things to open up the Unix like systems to be vulnerable, but it has to be worked at.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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