back to article AMD gives itself Web 2.0rhea

While struggling to get its chip machismo back, AMD has decided to distract itself as much as possible by rolling out a new Twitter-based news service. Yes, friends, it has come to this. The same company that set up a huge - now vacant - shop in Sadville wants to grab hold of hacks via the worthless craze known as micro- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Processor Components

    All these years I thought the processors had resistors and capacitators as well. Ah well, I guess the physics professors of my youth were wrong.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the usual suspects

    Stupid idea they need to run this past a few folks before they try this sort of thing Ashlee is OK practically anyone over 15 and who knows what a processor is would be fine. There are plenty of hardware boggers who will give your marketing line out just fine if you want just email one most don't even need that they get it by osmosis.

  3. Nick Leverton

    Posting it where it counts

    Henceforward I will think of all these twitter-alikes as "micro-bogs" Thanks !

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chipzilla, bogs...

    Almost like reading a certain different tech news site.......

  5. Richard Silver badge

    More than that, actually.

    Inductors, long-path waveguides and the up-and-coming MEMS can all be found in modern silicon.

    Although I don't think MEMS are in use in CPUs yet - they are more useful in RF applications and for making cool electron microscope videos.

  6. the Jim bloke

    This is Bootnotes

    ..Why has it got an IT angle ??

  7. A. Lewis

    I liked to think I'm an enlightened, modern tech type.

    I'm down with the latest trends, you know?

    But what in the name of the nameless one is a 'bogger'? Where did this come from? Is this a typo of 'blogger'?



  8. A. Merkin

    Twitter Bog Roll

    @A. Lewis: "Bog" is a UK euphamism for bathroom. I think they are implying that the primary output of blogs and bloggers is crap.

  9. mahoney

    It's funny..

    .. because it sounds like diarrhea

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