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I have a PC with a woefully underpowered and not upgradeable power supply. It freaks out with a PCI Wi-Fi card installed. Is there such a thing as a wireless access device that has its own power supply?


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    self-powered wi-fi

    The answer is probably NO- but you could use a powered usb adaptor & 'plug in' the wifi adaptor into that then with an mini usb to usb in reverse [to normal] configuration .plug that into your pc

  2. NoWires


    Simply get a wireless Ethernet adapter. Has its own power supply and connects to your LAN port on the PC.

  3. Jonathan Lane


    You might try an ethernet to wireless adapter, assuming you have ethernet. Maybe a wireless router with ethernet ports. Depends on what you're trying to wirelessly connect to.

  4. Phil


    Stacks of them. We have been using the Netgear ME101 for years as a client connect device it plugs into an ethernet port and has its own power supply unit. This and similar devices are often called Ethernet Bridge or Games connect units when you set up a couple of units in Ad Hoc mode for local P-P or Infrastructure mode if connecting to an access point

    You could also use a WG602 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless Access Point or similar in Bridge mode I have seen them for sale for less than £40

    DigitalParish Community WiFi

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