back to article NASA gives jet-setting Googlers the presidential treatment

At NASA, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are getting the same treatment as The President of the United States. As first reported by online gossip hound Valley Wag, the Google boys are free to land their unusually-large Boeing jet at Moffett Field, the NASA-run airport that's just a few miles from Google's offices - …


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  1. Lord-a-miytee

    Page and Brin have "unusually-large Boeings"?

    Really? Why? Do they have unusually small penises?

    i hold telephone conferences from England to USA every day. Is the USA phone system so bad they have to put in a physical appearance? Perhaps they think their 'presence' is of such magnitude that nobody should be deprived of it. Are they so important to the world that they're allowed to destroy it?

    To quote Vilos Cohaagen, "F*** 'em". From now on i use Yahoo.

    Ah! Hang on ...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    eats shoots and leaves

    This is the sort of English up with which I will not put.

    It's not it's, it's its. Its, I tell you, its!

  3. Chris

    re: Page and Brin

    "Are they so important to the world that they're allowed to destroy it?"

    In a word, yes, according to most people. Most people think Google is god and Google can do no wrong. If Google wants to do something, we must let them because they know better than the rest of us. If you disagree with these people, they repeat the same mantra over and over "Google says do no evil, so they're not evil". These people will defend Google to their death. They're worse than Apple fanbois. I'm just amused that all of these people love Google, and yet Google's primary (only?) source of revenue is advertising, which most people hate (and which most people block when possible).

    Most people say Google is the greatest company ever. I say they want to take over the world, Pinky and the Brain style.

  4. Alan Donaly


    I curse them every day but I also use the search engine because the others well you know they suck Yahoo still sucks I can't stand it I don't know how they manage to suck so bad but they do. I like Yahoo! email better but thats just because I am old fashioned.

  5. Keiran

    Would have thought this X-prize may be a contributing factor

    Thats all....

  6. Pum

    "unusually-large Boeings"?

    Surely that's BOUS - Boeings Of Unusual Size.

    I don't think they exist - aaargh!

  7. Colin Jackson


    Google gets a lot of mileage from me because of Google Earth. Perhaps this story explains why GE has a hidden flight sim feature built into the latest version.

  8. Anonymous Coward Silver badge
    Anonymous Coward


    At last! Now El Reg hacks can refer to "boeing-enhancement" advertisements.

  9. ryan

    privacy policies

    Dose anyone else relish the fact the nasa will be able to amass large amounts of information about google's personal habits by archiving the data collected during these flights? Maybe nasa wanted to one up the master. (I'd like to compare the privacy policies of the two organizations.)

    p.s. Loved the "boeing-enhancemnet" bit

  10. Chris

    re: privacy policies

    Good call, Ryan. And since NASA is part of the USAF (U.S. Air Force), they *should* be subject to FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests...

  11. Anthony Bathgate


    No, NASA is not part of the USAF. They are a private agency that gets to play with USAF toys.

    And Moffett is prettymuch open for business to anyone that can give NASA a bit of publicity and teach somebody something about something. Hence why the farking Mythbusters spend so much time there.

    NASA is commoditizing a scarce resource (a no-questions-asked controlled airfield that isn't busy as hell) for their own benefit. Google gets to park their planes near "home base", under very secure conditions, in a place that's easily usable (no takeoff and landing queues). Good for the Googlians. NASA gets to strap some sensor packs to the wings of some toys that they can't afford and they can't borrow from the military (because the military doesn't own many unmodified 767's - they're all tankers or AWACs birds, and they only own a handful of Gulfstreams to move around politicians and generals).

    And to top it off, they get cash. It's not like they're using the capacity. It's not like they're selling a parking space for the space shuttle or something.

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