back to article Be kind to your stomach: eat chilies

Red hot chili peppers (not the band, the actual peppers) could be good for the stomach, according to new research. According to website, medical research has shown that capsaicin, the part of chilies that makes them hot, can help to control the disease-causing bacterium, helicobacter pylori*. And the more capsaicin, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    side effects?


    good for stomachs (maybe), less so for ring-pieces.


    flatulence - curries cause it but is it chilli-related? My Jalfrazi-themed experimentation suggests there may be a casual link.

    time to restock the fridge - with Andrex! quack!

    (it is Friday...)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So, the best curry is the one that hurts twice?

    Look, if you really want me to explain this one you've never eaten a really hot curry :-)

  3. Vaughan

    Yonsei University Severance Hospital?

    Specializing in amputations?

  4. E.

    I might as well be the first...

    ...assuming this is first in the moderation queue.

    "More capsaicin meant less inflammation..." in the *stomach* cells. In other areas more ingested chillies tend to lead to more inflammation - or at least if feels like it.


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It may be kind to me, but if I took this as a new healthy eating regime I'd fear for the health and well being of those around me!!!

    At least my girlfriend can no longer say all those curries aren't good for me!

    Mike C

  6. Nick Rutland

    So we were right all along ...

    ... with the vindaloo after the gallon of beer.

  7. Dave Alderson

    Flag of Japan

    Might be good for your tummy, but as with most things it will put more strain on other parts of the body ;-)

  8. Richard Scratcher

    Not another superood!

    I suppose we should add chillies to the list of so-called "super foods" to spice things up a bit:

    Beans, Blueberries, Broccoli, Oats, Oranges, Pumpkin, Salmon, Soy, Spinach, Tea, Tomatoes, Turkey, Walnuts, Yogurt.

    I read that curry and onions are supposed to help prevent colon cancer. So a diet of chicken dopiaza (literally double onions) washed down with plenty of red wine should keep me super fit....from running to the toilet every 15 minutes.

  9. Joe Harrison


    Guy goes into a pub and says "Two pints of lager and a packet of helicopter flavour crisps please."

    Landlord says "Don't be stupid there's no such thing as helicopter flavour crisps. I've got plane though."

    OK so no IT angle whatsoever - but neither is the story. And as already pointed out it is Friday.

  10. john mann


    So, with the known properties of beer (the cure for everything and an aid to all known happiness), and now this splendid news, it's obvious that the weekend diet should continue 7/7.

  11. Martin Glenn

    "The answer my friend is blowing in the Wind!"

    Like i need more excuses to partake of my weekly curry fix!

  12. Ian McNee

    Ring of fire...

    So if we all start living longer due to healthy stomachs and lower rates of prostate cancer how long will it take the human race to evolve asbestos sphincters to survive the...erm...secondary incendiary effects of consuming vast quantities of chillies?

    On the other hand if all this proves to be true it could be a good time to invest in donut-shaped cushions...

  13. Chris Collins


    There is a sad parade of wimps in these comments - "Oh, curry makes my bunghole hurt, boo-hoo." A nice chilli laced with Scotch Bonnets and Who Dares Burns hot sauce ordered for all. Your anus-foo is weak, old man.

  14. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Ancient news

    The main reason for the use of chilies in foods is their antibacterial (and flavour masking) effects. You used to know when the meat was dodgy in a canteen because chili was on the menu. This is, of course, not to say that all meat in curries and chilies is dodgy but that the recipes come from countries where the chance of food going "off" is higher due to the heat and lack of refrigeration. Neither does it mean that they are being used to disguise rotten meat. Can't think of anything that will prevent bilharzia from polluted water though.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I've got to go to hospital next month to have a camera shoved down my neck to look for helicobacter pylori...

  16. Daniel Voyce


    You get free ring-sting

  17. Danny


    I heard that chilli also speeds up the metabolism so you lose weight, or don't put it on, or something. At least that's how I understood it. Sounds as amazing as that wonder-cure-all herb, garlic.

    Right, that's tonight's menu sorted then.

  18. Colin Morris

    RE : Ring of fire... & So, the best curry is the one that hurts twice?

    I find that this is only sometimes a problem depending on how much curry sauce you consume and how watery the sauce is.

    If the curry is not too runny then you can avoid suffering the next morning even after a MADRAS/JALFREZI type curry (not sure if it matters with VINDALOO style of course). I find that this is more easily regulated with a home made curry than the sort I would usually consume on 'Curry mile' in Mancland, especially when judgement is impaired by too much Stella/Kroneburg/Cobra, etc.

  19. naeem

    too much chilli can damage your stomach

    Hailing from the Indian sub-contninet and having eaten the whole gamut of Indian cookery for nigh on 40 years I can tell you that red chillis taken in small amounts can be extremely good for you.

    However, it is accepted knowledge that more than a few a day and these can cause very serious ulcers. Heck,over-doing the green ones can do it to, though you could get away with a lot more.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    US readers please note...

    ...that this does NOT mean you should eat AT Chili's. That won't be good for your stomach. Especially if you have the "Chicken Crispers". Yow.

  21. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Curry ? Chili ?

    I read chili, which has never been served Vindaloo anywhere. I'd think that chili spice is not the same as curry, which does not, to my knowledge, have peppers in it.

    And as for the candles, that is down to improper filtering of the beans. If you boil the beans and change the water two or three times, all that wind power goes away. Plus, you can always use a bit of sodium bicarbonate to nullify the effects.

  22. b166er

    Jiggin Ticker

    good for your heart too it's been said.

    I find that it's curry with chili powder rather than fresh chilies that gives the old sting-ring, if you're really game for a laugh, ask for a Phal

  23. AndyB

    sprouts mexicane, anyone.


  24. Steve Kelley

    Make You mind Up???

    helicobacter pylori is the bug that is suspected of causing Gastric, Peptic and Duedenal ulcers - what's the food you are supposed to stop eating, hot curries..... so for all of you ulcer suffers do you eat the chilli or not?

  25. Heath McComb

    Re: Curry ? Chili ?

    Most curries have a base ingredient of onion, garlic and chilli's (before any spices are even added) even though not mentioned as part of it.

    I love chilli's especially in a nice chinese, though having it with just vegetables and a bottle of wine really does make you regret it until then, I know my other half certainly makes me regret making curries for him, its like living with a foghorn with unpleasant accompaniments ;-)

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Curry? Chili?

    >> I'd think that chili spice is not the same as curry, which does not, to my knowledge, have peppers in it.

    Huh? You are correct chilli spice (as used in most curries and chilli con carne) is not the same curry, it is merely an ingredient in many curries. All ready prepared curry powders contain chilli spice (i.e. ground dried chilli peppers) and many curries contain fresh chilli peppers.

    @Steve Kelley

    The article suggests that chillies might prevent ulcers, it doesn't say they are good if you already have an ulcer.

  27. John A Blackley

    @Ancient News

    Charlie, are you in Britain? If so, explain this please: "You used to know when the meat was dodgy in a canteen because chili was on the menu."

    When the h3ll has British chilli ever had anything to do with peppers?

  28. Andy Bright


    The cross-Atlantic confusion is absolutely first class. Literally has brought tears to my eyes.

    After living in the US for 8 years I've become fairly fluent in American, so here we go.

    Curry powder does have chili powder in it. Chili peppers are the fuel for heat in Mexican, Thai and Indian cuisine. Curry powder is just a ground-up-to-powder mixture of herbs and spices (including chili, in varying degrees depending on temperature).

    Chili is not minced meat with red beans - as served in England. That would be like saying curry is limited to minced meat and curry powder.

    Real chili is as varied as real curries are. Mexican food is just as varied as Indian.

    Peppers in the US refers to at least 3 things. Bell Peppers are what we British would call Peppers. Peppers are what the British would call Chili Peppers. Pepperchinis (sometimes called banana peppers) are the sort of pickled chilies you would see offered in your average Kebab establishment. They tend to have just enough heat to matter - but nothing a decent beer won't take care of.

    Kebabs, by the way, (to those from the US) are not just the food-on-a-skewer variety you have at barbecues - the more common kind in the UK resemble what you call Gyros (a word which almost means social security check to the British) and are loaded with awesome extras like chili sauce and pepperchinis.

    Finally we have jalapenos - a type of pepper that is universally hot, but varies in heat from medium to vindaloo. They are the business, and every decent plate of nachos is covered in these beauties. Get a seed caught in your throat or under your tongue and you'll definitely know about it. Don't put your fingers in your eyes after eating US nachos.

    Hope that helps - probably not, probably just made things worse.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If it's

    If it's capsaican that's been shown to help, then pretty much any hot pepper should do. Capsaican is the ingredient that makes you feel the burn. Hot peppers are also supposedly prevent cold sores. Have to say I eat a lot of them and I've never had an ulcer or a cold sore... may have hemorrhoids though...

  30. kain preacher

    latin food

    We have latino food. Trust me they have some stuff that can burn you. If thats not enough we can import some caribbean foods.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New Old news from New World Plants or Is this why Chilis spread so quickly from the Americas?

    Had acid reflux ulcers, cured it with chili pepper, dried cranberries and turmeric. The first couple of days stung, I'll grant you. Amazingly, any need for messing around with antacids and all that rot is gone and it doesn't wipe your guts free of beneficial bacteria like the antibiotic program that leaves you susceptible to the nastier antibiotic resistant stuff out there. I now include curry and chili regularly in my diet to prevent this from ever happening again.

    So much for that stupid bland diet stuff, comes from the same people that gave us pathologic cleanliness which causes so many children to develop asthma and lung disorders because their immune system was never allowed to sort out what was normal dirt from real germs.

    We've been on this planet longer than doctors, so maybe they have something to learn once the newbyishness of their new technology wears off and they really start to integrate it with reality.

  32. Jason

    Feature request...

    Can we get a feature added whereby the country you are from is posted with your post? Could help cut down on the confusion!!

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Confusion like chili is probably good for you clearing it up is too easy you need to figure it out for yourself. Of course the register knows who is what but I don't want to know I want the challenge of figuring it out for myself just like trying to decide if someone is trolling or not. Only through time and experience can you spot the differences and that leads to better communication skills in text. Here I will give you the answer for my comment I am an American in the mid-west of the US I am not trolling at present.

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