back to article YouTube, Viacom bow to light-sabre wielding defender of online justice

The Register's favorite light-sabre-wielding school board candidate has stared down an army of YouTube-hating Viacom lawyers, defending the rights of internet users everywhere. Late last month, as reported by The Reg, Viacom put the screws to Star Wars-loving North Carolinian Christopher Knight for posting his own TV ad to …


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  1. evil tom

    Viacom is to the Empire as...

    ...YouTube is to the Jawas, the DMCA is to the Dark Side, and altered Vh1 clips are to stolen droids.

    (These aren't the pop up video clips you're looking for...)

  2. Jason Harvey


    haha! that got a good laugh. needed a good laugh today, thanks!

  3. Andy Worth


    Now he just has to worry about being sued by George Lucas as his clip obviously bears resemblence to the Star Wars series of films, or at least it takes ideas from them (lightsaber, deathstar etc). It may be his clip, but strictly speaking it's still leaving him open for legal action.

  4. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    YouTube did half the job - it should have checked who is the rightful owner BEFORE responding to the takedown notice.

    But companies today have no balls when it comes to resisting any official document, especially if the letters DCMA or FBI figure somewhere in there.

    YouTube is not to be commended in any way. It just did its clerical job, and took zero risks for justice.

    The ONLY person that is to be commended is Mr. Knight himself, who had the courage to stand up for what he knew was true. I just hope he will always have that courage.

    The robe of a Jedi one does not wear lightly.


  5. Feargal Reilly

    I am willingness to be sued.

    "you have to certify you're willingness to be sued."

    Cut and paste quote, or typo?

    And where's the Bulgarian Airbags angle?

  6. Ian Osborne

    Not the first time...

    Great news, but "for once, YouTube justice was served" is a little strong - it's hardly the first time something like this has happened.

    Skeptical movie maker Shane Killian (YouTube name: Shanek) had two episodes of his Bogosity vidcast pulled due to bullshit copyright claims from astrologers. He got them back up without changing a frame.

    Check out the Bogosity videos here:

  7. Ralph B

    Tie up the plotlines

    Did he get on the school board? Did he bang the teachers?

  8. Gilbert Wham

    @ Ralph B:

    You'll just have to wait for the prequels. Which co-star a school janitor with an 'amusing' accent...

  9. DrunkenMessiah


    Actually, Viacom is the rightful owner of the clip that was taken down. It was a recording of their TV show, what was in the clip had no relevance to YouTube and they had to comply or risk being sued.

    Of course comon sense prevailed and Viacom eventually came to their senses when hearing Mr. Knight's argument that they actually used his clip first.

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