back to article NZ surveillance target attempts to flog tracking kit

A New Zealand man under covert electronic surveillance by police turned the tables on his snoopers by attempting to sell tracking kit he found in his car. Ralph Williams, of Cromwell in central Otago, discovered a pair of tracking devices hidden in his daughter's and flatmate's cars after both vehicles were seized by police …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It gets worse

    A mate of mine actually found one of NZ Plod's "tracking devices" lying on the side of the road - from what we could tell it looked like it had been fastened under a vehicle with electrical tape (and of course, promptly fallen off). The power source was a stack of D cells (not even the good ones) with wire jumpers soldered on and more electrical tape tape to hold them together. The entire package was about the size of a couple of 500gm packs of butter.

    I don't think he ever found out who actually owned it - I suggested he just start to use the SIM card and see who complained.

    Anyway, how well is GPS going to work in or under the body of a car?


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ha ha

    It's not ours, but we want it back....


    The NZ Rozzas must be feeling a bit sheepish now. :-)

  3. Dave Bell

    Weird tales...

    There's got to be more to this than we're hearing about.

    Whether or not the Police have good info, they must think he's up to something more continuing than a suspicion of an arson attack. Why were they even looking at him in the first place?

    I think we're knee-deep in unreliable narrative bullshit on this. Who can we believe?

  4. Monty Lovering

    Think about it, sheeeesh...

    "Anyway, how well is GPS going to work in or under the body of a car?"

    Damn, bang goes the in-car GPS sector. LOL

  5. Ian McNee

    Re: Ha ha

    What an outrageous an racist slur on all New Zealanders! What exactly do you mean that antipodean constables are feeling saheepish? This is precisely the kind of infantile sexual innuendo that brings The Register in to disrepute as pointed out by your recent correspondent D Bevan.


    Apoplectic of Tunbridge Wells

  6. Gilbert Wham

    ^^@ Ha Ha

    Are you suggesting that NZ plod spend their time feeling sheep? Surely not...

  7. Ross


    "Damn, bang goes the in-car GPS sector. LOL"

    Ummm, have you tried using in car GPS? Ours doesn't work if it;s located under the A pillars. The metal blocks the signal. It needs clear sight of the sky (doesn't even work in the house)

    The mil version is a lot stronger but the public one struggles to penetrate light clouds from my experience :o(

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    thot plickens

    rumour has it that this guy, if he is not a figment of El Reg imagination, taped a phone call with the local plods who offered him the usual deal, ie give us all our gear back and we'll let you off

    rumour has it that he set up a meet with der plods to do just that, after posting the tape of the phone call, if it actually happened, to a dead-tree branch of the media

    rumour has it that at the appointed time the plods turned up and arrested him

    rumour has it that he was charged and that at the subsequent court appearance, all details were suppressed, which fact was allowed to be reported and was in about two sentences.

    new zealand is a long-time democratic society with a free press which would not put up with the plods saving themselves embarrassment of being found out by relying on suppression orders so obviously nothing here, move along please

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the plot thickens

    Yesterday Williams appeared before the Queenstown court on charges of stealing police property, threatening to kill in 1985 supplying drugs in 1985 etc. apparently a person living on his property has claimed that he and williams torched a police car and damaged tyres on another two vehicles in July. Strange to say but this man is the same man that claims williams threatened to kill him in 1985 and offered him drugs. Odd that he would want to go and live there a couple of months ago.. I think the NZ Police are grasping at short straws. Incidently this has all been the result of a vindictive wifes attempt to gain the property..

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